Are My Eyes Suited to Laser Eye Surgery? Find Out at Optilase Today

15 Nov 2016

You have most definitely had enough with bifocals, distracting frames, and uncomfortable contact lenses... but are you a good candidate for laser eye surgery? It takes an expert to determine if laser vision correction is the right treatment for your health. A little research and sound understanding will go a long way if you are considering having laser treatment completed.

Read below to get a better idea if laser eye surgery could be appropriate for you and contact the friendly professionals at Optilase for answers to all your eye care and laser vision correction questions.

How to Tell If You Are a Good Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery

Answer these simple questions to get a sense of whether or not your vision can be adjusted safely with laser treatment by experienced professionals:

1. How old are you? – The ideal patient is usually older than 25 years of age, since most vision changes occur before this time.

2. What is your current prescription? Laser eye surgery is best used for treating degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatisms. If you face refractive error issues, or extreme vision problems, it may not be suitable.

3. How long have you had your current prescription? – People with stable vision are best suited to laser correction. If you have had your current prescription for over a year, you may be a good candidate.

4. What is your lifestyle like? – Your job, family planning, and hobbies may all have an impact on how suitable this procedure is for you. Some women experience vision changes after pregnancy or during menopause. People who take part in active sports can enjoy more freedom of movement and improved performance from the surgery. The brief recovery time and assistance immediately following the procedure should also be factored into your considerations.

5. How is your health? – You should be in good overall health to support healing and ensure good results from the procedure. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant, since hormonal factors and changes can make the results less consistent.

Visit Optilase to Find Out if Laser Eye Surgery is Right for You

Stop by a conveniently located Optilase Eye Clinic near you to determine if your health, lifestyle, and expectations are in line with laser eye surgery candidacy. This option for vision correction can help you see clearly and experience life to the fullest. Our team can provide a free, no-obligation consultation and answer your questions about vision correction.

Meet with the experienced laser eye surgery professionals at Optilase to decide if this treatment is suitable. Go online to book your initial consultation or call today on 0489 043 8397 from ROI and 0800 511 8005 in the UK and NI

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