With more than 40,000 laser eye surgery procedures completed, Optilase truly is Ireland’s leading laser eye surgery clinic. See what patients had to say about their Optilase experience and why they chose to the trust the experts.

Doug Howlett

Former Munster Rugby Captain and All Blacks Record Try Scorer

“Thanks to Optilase, I’ve had perfect, 20:20 vision for over a year now. Prior to having my surgery I was a little concerned about people touching my eyes. In fact it took me ten years to decide to have it done. The only surprise I had with my surgery was how quick it was. I wandered down, it was 15 minutes and I was back out again, it was that simple!

One instance where I’m thankful for my new vision is in the middle of the night, with my three small children. I’ll often get shoved out of bed to get the extra milk or change a nappy. Now, in those instances, I’m no longer stumbling in the dark looking for my glasses, making more noise than I should!

Prior to my treatment at Optilase, I’d constantly lose contact lenses playing rugby, they can move on the eye and maybe at a critical time I could lose vision. Often, the game would carry on and I’d be left with one eye open running around the field! Now I can see the ball coming through the lights, my mates tell me I have no excuse to drop the ball now!”

Celia Holman Lee

TV Presenter

“I lost my ability to see things up close, and became completely reliant on reading glasses. It really drove me nuts. I couldn’t read my phone, no matter how big the font was; I even had trouble putting on eye makeup using a magnifying mirror – sometimes I had to try to do it wearing the glasses. Every day without fail I’d put them down somewhere in the office and everyone would have to hunt madly for them, or I’d leave them behind in restaurants, or lose them at the bottom of my bag and be fishing around frantically. I remember once I was doing fashion workshops at a show and forgot them- totally stuck. What can I do from there? I couldn’t read anything; I was only looking at fuzzy pictures.
Recently, I was excited to hear Optilase had a solution to my near vision problem called Presbia Vision Solution. I was apprehensive initially – you would be when it comes to your eyes – but the Optilase team were so meticulous in explaining every detail, step by step, that I was reassured. Surgeon Wayne Crewe Brown was very candid – he explained it doesn’t give you back the eyesight of your youth, but it takes away the dependency on glasses. So I decided to go ahead with the treatment.
During the treatment I felt nothing other than a slight pressure, and it’s so quick. There’s no bandages or anything – the only thing was I couldn’t wear eye makeup for 10 days after surgery, so I went to events anyhow and explained I’d just had Presbia surgery. People were fascinated! It’s such a clever procedure, and now I can read my iPad, texts, computer, the newspaper, apps on the phone – everything. This tiny little thing in my eye has made a massive difference in my life.”

Rozanna Purcell

Irish Model

Rozanna Purcell is an Irish model, Food Blogger and best selling author of cookbook Natural Born Feeder. The fast paced life Roz leads as model, chef and fitness enthusiast meant glasses and contact lenses became a hassle. After years of dealing with glasses and contact lenses, the natural beauty decided to undergo laser eye surgery with Optilase. The blue eyed beauty told us about her laser eye surgery experience:

“My journey with Optilase was nothing short of amazing. From the consultation to the laser eye surgery procedure, the professionalism and care was absolutely fantastic. For years, I struggled with contact lenses. Trying effortlessly to ‘strike a pose’ for the camera or read from an autocue prompter when doing a TV piece – let’s just say squinting wasn’t my best look! Thankfully this is no longer an issue. I now have 20/20 vision and I could not be happier. Thank you so much to the Optilase team for making me feel so comfortable during the procedure and giving the best aftercare too. I feel like superwoman with my new vision”

Francis Treanor

Reading Vision Correction Procedure

“When I went in and met the doctors, they explained the procedure and how it had developed, where it had come from, and I have to say, it was made easy for me. I really embrace technology and the advances in technology. I was happy that the information given to me was very accurate and very clear, and it put me at ease. Quite honestly when I actually had my surgery and it was completed, I said “was that it”? I was wondering was there more to it! I was very surprised that when it was done, it was actually done so quickly. As soon as the surgery was done I walked back to my hotel and relaxed for the evening. The following morning I wanted to test it out. I went out and bought a newspaper and I just could not believe the difference. It was absolutely fantastic.”

Margaret Kelly

Reading Vision Correction Procedure

“I hated wearing glasses, I always did. They just didn’t suit me so I always had a problem with wearing them. The day before the procedure I was having coffee with my friends and they made me feel nervous. Later on I went home and I rang Optilase and said I’m actually have second thoughts, and third and fourth thoughts! No matter how many questions I had to ask them, they answered them and they took their time about it, and made me at ease straight away. The same friends who put me off initially for going for this procedure are now asking me about it. They watch me to see if I wear my glasses – and I don’t wear them, and it’s great!”

Hubert Hawthorne

Reading Vision Correction Procedure

“Glasses to me were a scourge. You go out, you’d either forget them, you put them in your pocket and you could sit on them. Now I just don’t have to think about them! They don’t have to be in my pocket because I don’t need them! My daughter had laser eye surgery. She knows I have a fear of needles but she’d tell me that I should get this done, that there were no needles involved – so that put me at ease. They brought me down – and I didn’t even know it had been done! They told me that was it, I was done, it was just great!

My daughter bought me a watch a couple of months ago, and today was the first day I noticed there was a date on it! That meant an awful lot to me; I’m just delighted I got it done!”

Gerry Armstrong

Soccer Player

“Hi, I’m Gerry Armstrong and I just had laser eye surgery with the Kamra Inlay at Optilase. I visited the Belfast clinic, had the free consultation and thankfully I was a suitable candidate. Now I have 20/20 vision, I can see up-close, away in the distance and eveything in between…my only wish is that I had it done years ago and maybe I would have scored a few more goals. It has completely changed my life forever.”

Pamela Ballantine

TV Presenter

“Hi, I’m Pamela Ballantine and I just had laser eye surgery with the Kamra Inlay at Optilase. I visited the Belfast clinic, had the free consultation and thankfully I was a suitable candidate so I booked my date for treatment. Afterwards, it was a completely new World! I was able to see up-close, away in the distance and eveything in between…in full HD (high definition). It has completely changed my life forever.”

Brian Maher

Radio Presenter

“I’ve had perfect vision for over a year and a half after going to Optilase. I think I had the same fears most people would have going into get laser eye surgery but things have come on so much, it’s over so quickly. I remember afterwards just stepping outside and being able to see car registrations straight away, I was able to look down the street and see people’s faces that I would never normally be able to do without my glasses, it was just such an amazing moment! If someone was going to have laser eye surgery I couldn’t speak highly enough of it. I would tell them to have it straight away, in fact I have, a good few friends of mine have had it done since. We meet up and discuss how brilliant our eyesight is! It’s done so quickly and the benefits are just endless.”

Paul Munsanje


“At the free consultation, I was able to have a chat with the optometrist and after assessing my vision and answering all of my questions about what to expect, I was happy to go ahead with things, I was fully reassured. The procedure was quite short, maybe 5 or 10 minutes lying down. I remember having to focus on a little red light in the distance. My surgeon told me that I’d feel a little pressure but before I knew it, I was done! Later on when I was walking around outside, I could see in the distance what used to be green blobs were now trees with leaves! It was a good feeling to be able to see things properly. My vision wasn’t that bad before. I only used my glasses maybe half the time or a third of the time but it was really worthwhile to have the surgery done for that improvement. For people who have to wear glasses all of the time, I can imagine it would be an even greater improvement for them.”

Donal Og Cusack

GAA Player

After years of struggling with contact lenses legendary GAA hurler, Donal Og decided to undergo laser eye surgery with Optilase. Read what the all-Ireland goalkeeper had to say about his experience below:

“I am glad that I chose Optilase for laser eye surgery, it has been an absolutely fantastic experience. For the first time in years my eyes were not irritated or dry – It was great to finally get rid of my glasses and contact lenses. The procedure itself was painless and the staff was extremely professional and very attentive.”

Denis Hurley

Rugby star

Rugby star, Denis Hurley, is a member of the Munster Academy and has struggled with his eyesight for years, finding contact lenses difficult to depend on with them often falling out when playing rugby. To remedy the situation he decided to undergo laser eye surgery with Optilase.

“After years of wearing contacts and glasses my eyes became very dry and irritated, as a result I decided to undergo laser eye surgery. Initially I was nervous about the treatment but after my consultation, I felt confident and secure that I was in the best of care and that I could trust the experts. Thank you Optilase you have improved my quality of vision for the better.”

John O’Connor

Happy Customer

I should have had laser eye surgery years ago. Great service and a big relief to have someone to call 24 hours after the procedure. My eyesight was better with 5 minutes.

Helen Kennedy

Happy Customer

I had laser eye surgery last winter with Optilase. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The operation was completed in 15 minutes and all the staff were very professional. The aftercare was second to none. Yvonne looked after me very well. I had every confidence in her and all the team.

Nora McMahon

Happy Customer

I am delighted with the results of the laser eye surgery procedure – I should have done it years ago! The care from Optilase before, after and during the whole process has been exceptional and, apart from a few pre-op nerves, everything has been fine since. I would definitely recommend Optilase to anybody considering laser eye surgery.

Renaud Hulin

Happy Customer

Walking into Optilase has been the best decision of my life. Friendly staff, perfect timing and a great operation. I was supposed to go to India in the new year but had the surgery instead and it is so worth it. Awesome follow up and I have already recommended the place. Natural and quick, I found the world as I had left it before wearing glasses at the age of 6. Beautiful world, great feeling of not having to think about contacts.

Christine McLaughlin

Happy Customer

Laser eye surgery has changed my life. I had been wearing glasses and contact lenses for 19 years and couldn’t imagine having perfect vision again. The surgery is so quick and painless that I wish I had it done years ago. My entire experience with Optilase has been enjoyable and all the staff throughout have been extremely professional yet friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Optilase for laser eye surgery.

Maura Flynn

Happy Customer

I’m totally satisfied with the service, care and treatment I received at Optilase. The staff, from the receptionists to the surgeons were professional and friendly. The surgery was not at all as scary or unpleasant as I had feared. I have no regrets whatsoever with choosing Optilase.

Linda Quinn

Happy Customer

Finally I decided to go ahead with eye laser last summer. I was very apprehensive about the surgery itself and possible outcome. I needn’t have worried – surgery was quick and painless and, following regular checkups, my sight is really good and I would definitely recommend laser eye surgery at Optilase.

Michael Barry

Happy Customer

I cannot recommend the surgery enough – it really is life changing. I experienced zero discomfort and the ‘recovery’ was incredibly swift! The staff at Optilase were fantastic – put me at ease, explained everything clearly.

Alan Divilly

Happy Customer

Delighted that I made the decision to have laser eye surgery. I’m very happy with the results and have had no pain or discomfort. Staff have been very helpful, professional and generally nice to deal with.

Liane Buckley

Happy Customer

Having laser eye surgery was the best decision I ever made. I have to say the 2nd decision was choosing Optilase! The entire staff have been amazing and made me feel at ease all the way through.

Cathal Curtin

Happy Customer

Everything went great. Consultation was very quick and easy and surgery only took 10 minutes. I’m delighted I got it done. Can’t believe I waited so long. I would recommend Optilase to anyone.

Louise Mulvaney

Happy Customer

Laser eye surgery has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Optilase to everyone.

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