What Can Optilase Do For You?

18 Aug 2012

Optilase is a laser eye surgery clinic that has been in the business for over ten years. Our main clinic is based in Belfast, Ireland, right in front of Belfast's City Hall and over time it has managed to get a pretty good reputation due to the amazing results that all the patients coming here have experienced. We are very professional and kind here at Optilase, so people will always be warmly welcomed.

Optilase in over a decade of laser eye surgeries has managed to understand what people are looking for when they want to take a decision on the eye surgery clinic they want to go with. That is why it has taken remarkable steps at offering customers exactly what they are looking for in a 5 star environment that bids them welcome like no other clinic does. Patients can immediately relax and feel almost exactly like in their own home, given the attention to detail that Optilase gives in order to fully satisfy its customer's needs.

Throughout the industry, the clinic is renowned for offering the highest level of service in a luxurious environment that detracts the customer's attention from ever thinking that he or she is in a clinic. When people decide to come to Belfast in order to have an eye surgery at Optilase they will benefit from an experience like no other and this is something that's reflected in the results they will receive.

Customer Satisfaction

Tens of thousands of people have already had laser eye surgery at Optilase and ninety nine percent of them recommend the services they have experienced. For the clinic, the customer's peace of mind comes first and that is why we have taken all the necessary steps in order to ensure anyone coming here for a procedure will feel as little anxiety or fear as possible. The staff here are very friendly and always provide full detail on every step of the procedure, this way people know what they can expect and they feel secure and at peace being aware of that.

Lifelong After Care Program

Those who want to have an eye surgery and choose Optilase will benefit from the lifelong aftercare guarantee program which shows just how much the clinic believes in the results people will receive. Ever since its beginning, Optilase has managed to help over forty thousand people with improving their vision and amongst those people were a number of celebrities. Among them is Doug Howlett (All Blacks record try scorer) there is a large number of other celebrities that have also benefitted from laser eye surgery such as, Brad Pitt, Courtney Cox, Tiger Woods and many more.

The Best Equipment In The Industry

Optilase takes no shortcuts when it comes to quality and that is why we have chosen to only use the best equipment in the industry such as the VisX S4 IR Excimer Laser which offers a bleed free treatment using the iFS Advanced Femtosecond laser. The prices are also very low in order for as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of the best technology for their vision problems. With over a decade of experience, over 40.000 eye surgeries and the most advanced equipment in the industry, the Optilase clinic is definitely the best choice out there!

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