The Laser Eye Surgery Process

10 Jun 2012

Talking about laser eye surgery, it can be used to correct vision related issues ranging from astigmatism to near sightedness. One of the most straightforward laser eye surgery routines is LASIK and PRK. Both these routines are quite identical in nature. Misshapen cornea
Majority of vision related issues that can be corrected through laser eye surgery occur from a misshapen cornea. With regard to misshapen cornea, emphasis is on ensuring that retina gets some light. When the case is of misshapen, you will find that light is not going to reach the retina at the angle that is optimal. Laser eye surgeries can turn out to be quite beneficial when it comes to reshaping the cornea. To get the best out of the laser eye surgery process, Optilase is the best option available for you.

Pre-Operative Steps

Opting for a right kind of surgeon is the first step that you need to take in the laser eye surgery process. Make sure that you take the services of a surgeon that are accredited by the medical council. It is the responsibility of your surgeon to conduct a test of your eyes in order to get a clear idea of whether surgery is going to give positive results or not. After the test, your surgeon will also tell you the nature of the surgery that your eyes require.

After the initial feedback, corneal topographer is going to map your eyes. This is going to offer correct corneal aberrations representation that has an impact on the vision. What's more, it will also identify other conditions that are having an impact on the overall condition of your eyes. You can solve these conditions before going for a surgery.

Operative Steps

You need to keep in mind that both LASIK and PRK are widely been regarded as ambulatory surgery. In other words, you can go to your house straight after the completion of the procedures. In terms of the laser eye surgery process, both these surgeries are quite quick, lasting for just two to three minutes. Before the starting of procedure, you may be given mild sedatives. The best part about Optilase is that they make sure you feel at ease throughout the procedure.

To start the routine, you need to lie down. When this is the case, aesthetic drops are going to make it presence felt in your eyes without any problem. Next, your eye is going to be positioned beneath a laser. If you have opted for the LASIK surgery, there is going to be a cutting of a quite thin corneal flap. The programming of laser is done through right kind of prescription and applies light pulses for cornea reshape.

Post-Operative Steps

For both PRK and LASIK surgery, a mild painkiller is going to be prescribed and you will be advised to rest for two to three days and stay away from exercise for at least ten to fifteen days. There is also a possibility that PRK patients may be recommended antibiotic drops for initial three to four days.

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