Is Laser Eye Surgery the right choice for me?

If you are considering Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland, the most important question you will have to ask yourself is whether it is the right surgery for you:

  • You are heavily reliant on glasses or contact lenses in order to carry out routine tasks
  • You suffer from astigmatism that is difficult to correct with lenses
  • You cannot wear contact lenses and therefore are totally reliant on glasses
  • You don’t like wearing glasses
  • You would like to make a once-off investment in your long-term vision
  • You wish to wake up and see the world in perfect focus

What does Laser Eye Surgery do to my eyes?

When you wear glasses or contact lenses you are placing a lens in front of the cornea so that it accurately bends light onto the retina so objects appear clear.

Laser Eye Surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that uses computer-controlled lasers to ablate or remove microscopic amounts of tissue from the cornea so as to permanently alter its shape.

By altering the shape of the cornea light is able to focus onto the retina and objects appear perfectly clear unaided by glasses or contact lenses.

What is involved during the actual Laser Eye Surgery procedure?

Throughout Laser Eye Surgery the patient’s eyes are completely numb and the laser technology used is fitted with eye-tracking software to account for any involuntary movements made during the procedure.

A corneal flap is first created using an extremely precise Femtosecond Laser to expose the inner layer of the cornea which is reshaped during surgery.

An Excimer Laser completes the actual correction by administering cool pulses of ultraviolet light to alter the gradient of the cornea so that light is naturally refracted at the correct angle.

Once complete, the corneal flap is put back in place and immediately adheres to the surface of the cornea through negative pressure exerted by the eye (much like how a contact lens sticks to the eye).

Am I a suitable candidate for Laser Eye Surgery?

During your free consultation at one of our Optilase clinics, you will be assessed as to whether you are a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery.

  • Over 18
  • Have a stable refractive error
  • Corneas must be sufficiently thick to undergo surgery
  • No history of eye disease or suffer from dry eyes
  • No autoimmune disease, heart conditions or diabetes
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not eligible for surgery

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