Laser Eye Surgery Benefits for Playing Sports – Will It Improve Your Game?

25 Jul 2016

Laser Eye Surgery Benefits for Playing Sports – Will It Improve Your Game?

When it comes to sports, your eyesight is a critical component in your success. Take tennis for example. This racquet sport requires precise hand and eye coordination and you need to be able to not only focus on the ball as it crosses the net, but also spot how a player will react; and that requires being able to see clearly a long distance away. While you could wear prescription sports goggles during play, this type of eyewear can limit your field of vision and actually hinder your performance. That is why it is no surprise that plenty of professional tennis players, including Wimbledon stars, have undergone laser eye surgery.

You don’t have to be a professional tennis player or even a professional athlete to benefit from laser eye surgery. However, if you have a love for the game, you may want to utilise this cutting-edge technology to help improve your sport and performance on the courts.

How Does Laser Eye Surgery Help Athletes?

When tennis players and athletes are on the court or field, their vision is a critical tool that determines their performance. Wearing glasses or contact lenses can hinder your precision when it comes to hand-eye coordination or even visual acuity. Here are some important benefits of laser eye surgery for individuals involved in sports activities, including professional tennis:

1. No more risks from debris.

When you are wearing contact lenses, a little dust coming off the court or field can lodge itself between your eye and the lens. This could force you to miss a critical play or even scratch your cornea, thus taking you out of the game temporarily.

2. No more broken glasses

Tennis is not a contact sport, but tennis players are known for leaping and diving to get the ball and make their final play. If you were to drop your glasses or fall, you could accidentally shatter them and also hurt yourself.

3. Recovery is quick

While you may have to keep away from practice sessions and games for a few days or weeks (depending on your surgeon’s recommendations), the recovery is still relatively quick when you consider how your eyesight will rapidly improve.

4. Complications are very rare

While there are some complications and risks associated with any type of medical procedure, the complications of laser eye surgery are rare. As long as you follow your post-operative instructions, you should recover without any issues.

Famous Athletes Have Had their Vision Corrected – You Can Too

From famous golfers to tennis players and football players, there are plenty of professional athletes that have opted for laser eye surgery to help improve their game. If you have difficulty seeing clearly at a distance, find out whether you are a suitable candidate for laser corrective procedures.

Take the time now to have your candidacy assessed for laser eye surgery and speak with the team at Optilase. Our surgeons are here to help you as an athlete improve your eyesight and get back to your sport as soon as possible, with clearer vision.

For more information, fill out an online enquiry form or schedule a consultation by calling us on 0489 043 8397 in Northern Ireland and 0800 511 8005 in the UK.

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