Which is best for you - LASIK or WaveFront?

02 Jul 2014

When you see and hear the words “Laser Eye Surgery” you could easily assume that it reflects one-size-fits-all procedure that is carried out on all patients.

However, at Optilase Northern Ireland there are no less than four different Laser Eye Surgery procedures available to patients who are seeking to rid themselves of fragile glasses and/or irritating contact lenses.

Standard LASIK and CustomVue WaveFront are two popular Laser Eye Surgery choices for patients, both of which correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Deciding on which Laser Eye Surgery procedure for you can be confusing - this is why prospective candidates for laser vision correction at Optilase Northern Ireland can enjoy a free consultation at one of our clinics in Belfast, Newry or Derry/Londonderry.

The consultation process outlines the best Laser Eye Surgery procedure for you, which will be determined by the results of an in-depth examination of your eyes.

CustomVue WaveFront

Using FDA approved technology; CustomVue WaveFront Laser Eye Surgery involves a more precise method of correcting vision compared to standard LASIK.

Offering patients of Optilase Northern Ireland a customized method of laser vision correction, WaveFront laser vision correction yields a higher rate of 20/20 eyesight or better, improved night vision capabilities as well as better contrast vision.

This version of Laser Eye Surgery may be more beneficial for some patients over others, especially those who have issues with poor night vision or difficulty seeing well in low light environments.

Both these problems are caused by the presence of higher order aberrations in the cornea that can be effectively diagnosed and treated with WaveFront technology.

WaveFront is also the Laser Eye Surgery procedure of choice if patients have high prescriptions and/or larger-than-average pupils.

Standard LASIK

LASIK is one of the most popular elective surgeries at Optilase Northern Ireland, with the procedure being the vision correction method of choice for thousands of patients.

Standard LASIK may be the ideal choice for you if you have a mild or moderate prescription for hyperopia (near sightedness) or astigmatism.

It is also more suited to patients with normal pupil dilation measurements and those who have a cornea that is thick enough to receive LASIK treatment.

Other Laser Eye Surgery options at Optilase Northern include PRK and IntraLase.

To find out which procedure best suits your vision needs, book a free consultation on 08000 121 565.

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