5 Celebrities You Did Not Know Had Laser Eye Surgery

05 Jul 2016

Brad Pitt, Richard Branson, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Courtney Cox have one thing more in common other than being Hollywood stars: they all have had laser eye surgery. Laser corrective procedures have been popular among movie stars for years; from hair removal to cosmetic procedures. One laser procedure that is gaining more momentum today is that of vision correction.

Movie Stars do not have time to go through their hectic schedules and travel routines with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, but they do need excellent vision. From reading scripts to teleprompters to just engaging with the press, perfect vision is almost a job requirement to be in Hollywood.

Why Are Movie Stars Turning to Laser Eye Surgery?

Movie stars are constantly turning to the latest technology to make their careers and lifestyles easier. LASIK and other laser corrective procedures are becoming popular because:

1. No More Glasses for Reading Scripts

A movie star’s career is based on their ability to deliver a script flawlessly on camera. So, it is no wonder that stars want to make the task of reading their upcoming scenes a little easier. Courtney Cox, for example, received laser eye surgery to rid herself of wearing glasses for that very reason.

2. Acceptance Speeches Are Easier Too

When stars are awarded, they have acceptance speeches prepared and ready to read on camera and stage. With laser eye surgery, they do not need glasses when it is time to accept their award.

3. Movie Roles Are Easier to Cast

When stars rely heavily on glasses or contacts, they may not be suitable for all roles. With laser eye surgery, their vision is no longer a deciding factor in what jobs they can take on.

4. It is Quick and Painless

While there is some minor discomfort, it is definitely one of the more pain-free options out there for stars. From all of the cosmetic procedures, laser corrective surgery is one that improves a movie star without a lot of downtime or painful recoveries.

You do not have to be on Hollywood’s “A” List to get laser eye surgery. In fact, Optilase makes it easy to improve your vision even on a limited budget. With numerous laser vision corrective procedures, affordable prices and convenient clinics, we can improve your vision this year for your career.

Meet with an experienced eye surgeon at Optilase today to see if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery. You can book your consultation online today.

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