LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Time

25 Aug 2012

The LASIK eye surgery procedure reshapes the cornea in just a couple of minutes. This could be the answer to your prayers. In a matter of minutes, you could kiss your eyeglasses and contact lenses goodbye. Wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses can be such a hassle. Not to mention that the grade of your eyes may keep on increasing from time to time. When wearing contact lenses, you have to keep on buying contact lense disinfectants and lubricants for maintenance. Changing contact lenses now and then also adds up to the total cost. Those endless spendings could come to an end if you were to undergo a LASIK eye surgery procedure.

Now, a frequently performed, popular and very effective method of regaining normal vision without having to use anymore contact lenses and eyeglasses is laser eye surgery. It is great news to those who are experiencing blurry vision, nearsightedness and farsightedness. Forget all about the fuss of having to wear your eyeglasses or having to put in your contact lenses.

The LASIK eye surgery procedure’s main advantage is a fast recovery time where patients can notice the changes within 2 days along with little or no discomfort at all. At Optilase, people can have a free assessment whether they're eligible to undergo the LASIK procedure or not. If the patient is qualified to undergo the LASIK Eye Surgery, the procedure will be explained by the laser Optometrist and the answers to the patient's questions will be provided, for which it takes up to one hour. The surgeon will then give a go signal for surgery after the consultation is done. After the pre-consultation, the surgeon will then discuss the technicalities of the surgery and answer any additional questions raised by the patient. Before the final date and time of the procedure is decided, payment details will be discussed and setup. Along with it, necessary paperwork is also processed.

Since some patient gets nervous on the day of the surgery, they're asked to bring a family member or close friend with them, and are assured that they're in good hands. Using a cool beam Excimer laser, it reshapes the cornea in an average of seven minutes each eye. The effects of the procedure last a lifetime for just seven minutes of laser. A postoperative pack that contains a series of eye drops and some instructions on taking the medicines will be given while the patient is resting just right after the operation which also includes a 24 hour hotline just in case the patient has any concerns.

The Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Time is just a matter of two days. Full recovery from Laser Eye Surgery may take at least 6 months to complete. The patient will be given an aftercare program that is good for 12 months right after the surgery being completed. There will be an average of 4 post-operative check ups in a year. And because of the lifetime care program, patients can take advantage of this program in case they have any concerns about the treatment in the future. This means that you can always be sure you’re in the best care.

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