LASEK eye surgery Vs LASIK eye surgery

14 Jun 2012

Eyes are very important and essential organs in our bodies.
Everyone appreciates the importance of eyesight in our day to day activities.

Eyes like any other parts of the body develop complications and infections. Whenever this happens we have a responsibility of looking for all the ways possible to restore our power of vision. The best and most recommended is undergoing an eye surgery.

Of the many types of surgery it is important to choose the best type that has proven and time tested results for the patients. In this regard, many people prefer to have LASIK eye surgery.

What is LASIK surgery for this matter? LASIK, commonly referred to as laser simply refers to a method of eye surgery that involves inserting a laser underneath the corneal flap in order to reshape the cornea of the eye. In order to perform this type of surgery and to get best results, specialize recommend the use of highly advanced and specialized laser which is specially designed for treating many different kinds of refractive errors.

Perhaps one may ask, is it effective? LASIK eye surgery improves vision by greater percentages and helps to reduce and reduces the need to have and use glasses or other lenses. Many people try as much as possible to avoid glasses and other contact lenses. Use of glasses causes strain on the eyes and can aggravate eye conditions.

After performing a successful surgery, the corneal flap is carefully returned back to its position, enabling the patient to have back hi perfect vision. LASIK eye surgery has been tested and confirmed to be a safe way that enables patients with eye conditions to be able to get back the power of vision after several problems.

What eye conditions may prompt one to undertake a LASIK eye surgery? The most common established problem is the refractive error in the cornea.

Refractive errors in the human eye are usually arises when there is a mismatch between the retina and the focusing system of the eye. Under normal circumstances, there focusing system does receive and send light waves into the retina. This process enables the eye to encode images of the objects in sight. Whenever it happens that the retina fails to receive enough light from the focusing system, the results are that the images received will be blurred and lack clarity.

This condition is dangerous since it can lead to serious and acute loss of sight. At its initial stages, the condition can well be managed by undergoing a LASIK eye surgery which restores back the eye to its normal focus.

People however need to take caution. This is because this surgery is usually irreversible and when not properly administered it can lead to total loss of the eye sight and power of vision.

Recent development witnessed in the LASIK technology are however reliable enough to assure safety and reliability in this refractive surgery process.

Recent studies after this development have shown that a greater percentage of the people who have undertaken this surgery have been satisfied with the results. Many have actually gotten back their vision

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