Why choose Kamra?

20 Aug 2012

Many people are looking to have laser surgery done. There are specific methods that one can do in order to get this surgery done. One of these methods is known as KAMRA. The KAMRA procedure is often used for those over 40 that need reading glasses and have trouble with small print or close vision. It is a method of correcting long distance vision with traditional laser surgery, and using the insertion of a small camera into the eye that weighs less than a grain of salt to correct reading difficulties. The lens is extremely small at only 38 mm in diameter. Furthermore the device has 8,400 micro openings in it to protect the cornea of the eye. It is an innovative method of treating presbyopia or vision problems caused by age.

So why choose KAMRA? The KAMRA method is extremely effective in restoring vision. It is extremely effective at improving vision. You will need to consult with your lasik professional to see if this particular surgery is the right one for you.

Those that have had the KAMRA surgery find that it makes a big difference in their ability to read text messages, phone books, menus and anything they were having difficulty seeing prior to the surgery. They will still be able to maintain their distance vision as well. The difference between KAMRA and traditional LASIK eye surgery is that results from the KAMRA procedure can be seen in as a little as 24 hours. Those that have traditional LASKIK Procedures may find that their vision is still blurry after that time period.

Other benefits of KAMRA include the fact that it is a very quick procedure. Those that have had the implant can agree to the fact that the method did not take very long at all to implement. The best proponents for KAMRA surgery are those that have already had the surgery and can marvel about the difference it has made for them. There are a large number of testimonies on our website about those who have used this process and found a real difference in their lives because of it.

The disc itself has an inlay of just 1.6mm in the centre, so it is an amazingly small and yet effective device for correcting vision. People will not even be consciously aware of the device since it is so small.

Those who have gotten this procedure simply love it, and are impressed with both the quickness of the process and how well they can see after undergoing KAMRA.

The skilled professionals here at Optilase can help with your laser eye surgery so that your vision is the best that it can be. The answer to why choose KAMRA, is that it is a fast and effective method of treating vision problems in those over 40. Those that have had this procedure at Optilase centres and elsewhere give testimony as to how rewarding the procedure is, and how effective it was for them. This is truly an innovative and effective way to treat age related vision problems. See your eye care professional today to see if KAMRA is right for you.

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