The Advances in Laser Eye Surgery Technology

02 Jun 2012

Each year, millions of individuals undergo surgical procedures using laser technology to correct abnormalities in vision. There are in fact various types of laser eye surgeries that cater to specific clientele needs. One of the advances in laser eye technology seen in recent years focuses on improving the procedure LASIK or Laser in Situ Keratomileusis.

LASIK is a type of refractive surgery that uses laser technology to help in reshaping the cornea of the eye. This significantly changes the optical power and subsequently corrects vision impairment. Several ophthalmologists around the world have begun introducing an enhanced form of this surgery. This new advancement is seen to be a more effective and expensive approach.


Ophthalmologists call this Wavefront or "Custom LASIK". Wavefront is a new improved technique in correcting vision. This impressive new technique provides a more accurate way of reshaping the cornea. Wavefront utilizes a new way of mapping the eye refraction through the use of an array of lasers and microsensors. A light wave is projected through the eye and is consequently reflected. The sensors detect the light wave and form a map of the cornea using the captured light. The resulting image is a 3 dimensional map that reveals the smallest abnormalities and aberrations which may have been previously undetected. Because of the precise data that is yielded from wavefront readings, eye doctors can be more accurate in correcting the vision.

Though this is a new application in eye surgery, the technology behind the technique is actually much older. For years, astronomers have been using the principles behind wavefront to adjust and maintain their telescopes. Since the technique can detect small aberrations in the surface, wavefront is highly effective in eliminating the various abnormalities on the surface of the telescope's reflective mirrors. These problems are usually brought about by the Earth's atmosphere. It was only in the recent decades that this space age technology has been applied to human vision.

Better Results

Many of post surgical statistics show that around 90-93% of the patients who underwent Wavefront report 20/20 vision and a significant improvement as compared to their status before the procedure. In comparison, the general success rate of LASIK ranges from 80-85 %.

Wavefront Eye surgery also appears to be quite effective in dealing with higher-order aberrations. These problems can lead to blurry vision, glare and the appearance of halos on the visual field. It is generally believed that all patients undergoing conventional LASIK are at a risk for developing these aberrations. With Wavefront, this risk is significantly reduced as the technology is heralded as the best tool in quantifying and eliminating such aberrations. Furthermore, patients who have undergone Wavefront report a significant improvement in night vision. This has been an issue with conventional LASIK as many clients did complain about night time glare in the past after the procedure.

Though deemed to be a highly effective eye procedure, the advances in laser eye surgery technology brought about by Wavefront may not be for everyone. This technique is only recommended for certain types of vision problems. Having proper evaluation is the first step in finding the appropriate treatments.

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