Say Goodbye to Prescription Sunglasses with Laser Eye Surgery

You want to really enjoy the summer holidays this year. That includes spending time outside, enjoying the warm weather and of course, getting out into the sun. Naturally, you want to protect your eyes. So, you need sunglasses. However, because of your eyesight, you need prescription sunglasses and all the hassle that comes along with them.

While prescription sunglasses are just as stylish as non-prescription options these days (including designer styles), they can become a real drag on your holiday experiences.

The Disadvantages of Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription eyeglasses are quick fixes, not permanent. They do not improve your vision; instead, they only correct it temporarily while you wear the glasses. Some key disadvantages of wearing prescription sunglasses include:

1. They may weaken your eye muscles

Constantly wearing prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses can actually cause your eye muscles to become inefficient. Glasses alter how you would normally use your eyes and can lead to strain. The more your eyes strain, the stronger prescription glasses you will need in the future.

2. You are dependent on them

In order to enjoy your holidays outside, you must carry your prescription sunglasses everywhere you go. You become dependent on them to just enjoy the outdoors and if they were to get lost or broken, you may not enjoy the outdoors at all.

3. They are expensive

Prescription eyeglasses, especially sunglasses, are a costly upfront investment. If they become damaged or lost, you could spend a significant amount repairing or replacing them and it often takes days or weeks for the new pair to arrive.

Enjoy the Holidays and the Outdoors without Prescription Eyeglasses

Imagine going to the beach or lakeside without carrying around your sunglasses in their special case. Consider the freedom of not having to worry if you misplaced your sunglasses because you could simply pick up a backup pair or buy a new one without worrying about a prescription. By having your vision corrected with laser eye surgery, you could actually enjoy the holiday season without prescription sunglasses, corrective lenses or even eyeglasses.

You can check if you are a candidate for laser corrective surgery today by meeting with the team at Optilase. Our surgeons can help you enjoy the holidays without the need for prescription eyeglasses.

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