Blurred vision after Laser Eye Surgery - No need to panic

09 Apr 2014

Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase has been successfully performed on over 40,000 patients and thanks to advances in laser technology used during the procedure, a tailored prescription correction can be administered so that patients can enjoy vision clarity without glasses or contact lenses.

The procedure itself will take approximately 30 minutes with a permanent change being made to the shape of the cornea at the front of the eye.

Immediately after Laser Eye Surgery, a patient will be able to see without the need for glasses but in the hours and days after treatment, vision can appear blurred at random intervals as the eye heals and begins to adjust to its new focusing power.

Don’t worry, as this vision blurriness will resolve once your eyes get used to the surgical adjustment made to the cornea. You’ll need someone to take you home on the day of surgery and shouldn’t try to do anything that will strain your eyes – Optilase will provide comprehensive instructions on what to do after your procedure.

Enjoy a Lifetime Care Guarantee

The day after Laser Eye Surgery at one of our clinics in Belfast, Newry or Derry/Londonderry, all patients will have a follow-up consultation to make certain that the cornea is healing correctly and that 20/20 vision or better has been created.

Any patient who undergoes Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland will also enjoy a Lifetime Care Guarantee on their procedure.

If your eyesight deteriorates after Laser Eye Surgery because of an original refractive error or if you need further correction after the initial procedure, the treatment will be provided free of charge.

How accurate are Laser Eye Surgery results?

The type of laser used during refractive surgery allows for incredibly accurate vision correction.

The Excimer Laser uses short, rapid and extremely precise pulses of a 193nm beam of ultraviolet light to rupture a targeted amount of cells on the cornea.

Capable of removing as little as 0.25 micrometers of tissue, the Excimer Laser is ideal for Laser Eye Surgery.

Advantages of using the Excimer Laser

  • Bladeless method of correcting a refractive error
  • Extremely accurate (1/1000mm)
  • A cool UV light is used so adjacent tissue is unaffected
  • Built-in eye tracking software to react to any involuntary eye movements

To find out more about Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland,
book your free consultation on 08000 121 565.

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