What Does 20-20 Vision Mean? How Can Laser Eye Surgery Help?


What does 20-20 vision mean?

“20/20 vision” refers to normal vision. This is the vision which allows the majority of people to read an eye chart from a distance of 20 feet away. The sharpness of eyesight clarity is measured by an eye chart. A traditional eyechart has a number of randomly accumulated letters that vary in size in no apparent sequence. The term 20/20 indicates the distance in feet from the chart (top number) and the bottom displays the distance from which a person with normal eyesight can read the line.

For example, if you have 20/40 vision, this means you have worse than average vision. When you are standing 20 feet from the eye chart you can read letters that most people see when they are 40 feet away.

Although we may have had 20/20 vision throughout our childhood and younger adult life. The majority of people experience a gradual decrease in the quality of their sight as they reach middle age. Your eyes lenses tend to become less flexible and it becomes more difficult to read items that are in our immediate proximity. This gradual deterioration is known as presbyopia and this condition affects almost 2 billion people worldwide.

A moderate 35% of adults have 20/20 vision without the use of, contact lenses or corrective surgery. With the use of corrective measures, such as laser eye surgery it is possible for anyone to attain perfect 20/20 vision, regardless of their age. The majority of the most common vision related disorders are completely curable with corrective measures. The aim of laser eye surgery is to bring a person’s vision to 20/20. This simple, quick, pain-free procedure is the easiest and most effective manner to achieve 20/20 vision.

How can Laser Eye Surgery help you achieve 20-20 vision?

Laser Eye Surgery the best way to correct your vision to achieve 20/20 vision. The procedure uses a special type of laser to gently reshape the surface of the eye. This simple procedure is used in order to correct common vision related issues such as, near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. Over 30 million people worldwide have chosen to undergo this life-changing procedure, to achieve perfect 20-20 vision.

This simple, quick and painless procedure, frees you from a lifetime of wearing glasses and contact lenses. At Optilase, we have performed over 40,000 of these life-changing procedures. Freeing individuals from the inconvenience and expense of a lifetime of wearing glasses and contact lenses. Over 99% of our clients achieve 20/20 vision as a result of this simple procedure. Start your journey towards 20-20 perfect vision today and book your free consultation with Optilase, Northern Irelands leading eye care specialists by calling us on 0800 044 3236 or simply clicking here.