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22 Jul 2013

The vast majority of the 40+ generation in Northern Ireland lead an active life, incorporating career, travel, outdoor activities and socializing.

For those of you that feel younger than your actual age, you no longer have to worry about the need to wear reading glasses because Optilase clinics across Northern Ireland have the very latest, permanent treatment for presbyopia.

Can you never find your reading glasses when you need them?

Reading glasses are the most common treatment for presbyopia, but they can be quite age-inducing and reinforce the fact that your eyes are not as powerful as they used to be.

So rather than remain self-conscious and cope not only with the loss of near vision but also the fact that you can’t hide it anymore, why not consider the KAMRA inlay?

Does the KAMRA inlay eliminate the need for reading glasses completely?

Yes. The KAMRA inlay works by utilizing your non-dominant eye and manipulating its function so that it can focus incoming light directly onto the retina, thus improving your near and intermediate vision instantly. Your dominant eye remains untouched and will automatically concentrate on distance vision.

Does the KAMRA inlay involve invasive surgery?

The KAMRA inlay is a tiny lens that is 3.2mm in diameter with a 1.6mm centre opening. It is completely transparent and only 5 microns thick (1/10 thickness of a sheet of paper). The procedure whereby it is implanted into your cornea is minimally invasive – using a femtosecond laser for a smooth incision in the outer layer of the eye. The eye will be numbed by anesthetic eye drops and the procedure usually takes less than 20 minutes.

How long with the KAMRA inlay last?

The KAMRA inlay will revolutionize your long-term near vision, and does not have to be replaced unless you develop other eye conditions such as cataracts.

If you decide you no longer want the KAMRA inlay, the procedure is completely reversible. The longevity of the KAMRA inlay in treating presbyopia makes it one of the most efficient treatments available on the market.

You can stop reaching for your reading glasses and instead reach for the phone to get in touch with Optilase. Out team of expertly trained staff are on hand to help you through any surgical decisions. To book your free consultation, call 0800 0121 565 or /kamra-treatment/

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