Common Problems with Contact Lenses in the Winter

10 Jan 2017

Contacts are never easy, especially when the frigid, dry air sets in for months on end. There are many considerations to make year-round when applying and wearing contact lenses, but those concerns always seem to multiply when the winter sets in. If you wear contact lenses and are looking for tips to make the season more comfortable for your vision and eyes, read the tips below. If you are interested in a permanent vision correction solution, contact the professionals at Optilase Eye Clinic. With convenient eye clinic locations across Ireland and the UK, you can find the perfect place to receive treatment from our friendly staff.

Common Problems with Contact Lenses in the Winter

Consider these typical issues that contact lens wearers face when the temperature drops. Opt for a long-term solution with safe and affordable laser eye surgery or use the tips below to make the season bearable:

1. Dry Eye – Everyone is susceptible to dry, itchy, or irritated eyes as we spend more time indoors with heaters and radiators on full blast. Those who wear contact lenses can find themselves with particularly harsh irritation, redness and dryness developing. Talk to your local eye clinic about eye drops and try different contact lenses or laser vision correction if the problem persists.

2. Pain – Harsh winds and recirculated air indoors can actually cause discomfort and pain for those who wear contact lenses. If you notice sharp pain, dull discomfort, or tired eyes after a full day with your contacts in place, it may be time to seek another option for corrected vision. Switch to glasses now and then or explore your options for permanent 20:20 vision with laser surgery.

3. Take Precautions – Keep your eyes feeling fresh by taking other steps to combat the harsh effects of winter. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, wear sunglasses to block subtle sunrays and strong winds, and note changes in your tear production. Sometimes dry eyes reveal themselves with an over-production of tears, so noting any changes can be useful information for determining if contacts are the right way for you to experience clear vision.

Wear Contact Lenses Safely or Choose Laser Eye Surgery

Optilase Eye Clinic can provide an initial consultation if you are done dealing with the hassle, inconsistency, and expense of contact lenses. If pain, discomfort, and inconvenience of caring for your contacts is getting in the way of your daily routine, contact us today. We can provide a thorough assessment to determine if laser eye surgery is suitable for your eyes and help you see clearly without dry eyes or irritation. Learn more about our services and laser surgery on our FAQs page, or contact us directly to find out more about how we can make you more comfortable this season.

Get personal advice at your free consultation and learn more about the benefits of laser vision correction. Find an eye clinic near you or call us today on 0489 043 8397 from ROI and 0800 511 8005 in the UK and NI.

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