Start the New Year with 20:20 Vision from Optilase – Give the Gift of Perfect Vision this Christmas

20 Dec 2016

Wrap up the perfect present for the glasses or contact lens wearer in your family or friend circle. The gift of clear, high definition vision is one that will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come. Allow your loved one to experience the world in 20:20 with clarity and comfort. Free from the look of glasses and discomfort of contacts, they will be able to take part in everything the New Year brings their way without concerns about proper vision. Whether you are interested in laser eye surgery for yourself or for a loved one, the holiday season is the perfect time to have the procedure completed. Start the New Year with a fresh perspective and clear sight. Optilase Eye Clinic can provide assistance if you are looking to surprise someone special and answer your questions about who is a good candidate for the procedure.

4 Reasons Laser Eye Surgery Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Not sure if laser vision correction fits the bill for a great Christmas present? Take these four factors into consideration or contact us to find out more about your options for giving or receiving laser eye surgery this holiday season:

1. Freedom for an Active Lifestyle – Don’t let glasses or the bother of contacts hold you back from going after your resolutions for the New Year. An active lifestyle, without expensive specialized glasses or the risk of contact lenses can be accomplished with a one-time, safe, and effective laser eye surgery. Participate in contact sports and outdoor activities without hesitation or even giving it a second thought.

2. Fresh Start – Many people use the New Year as a benchmark. It is the time to set new boundaries, establish new goals, and create new plans to accomplish personal milestones. Seeing the world clearly and confidently can make all your other goals come into focus – literally and figuratively. If you are interested in pursuing your resolutions without reservations, consider how seeing clearly can impact your other life plans. If sensory abilities and reservations are removed from the list of reasons ‘not’ to do something, you can take a more focused and dedicated approach to staying on track with your planned accomplishments.

3. Confidence – If you or your loved one has been plagued by issues about how you look or feel in glasses, laser eye surgery can provide a future free from frames. Show your face first and let your true self shine through every day.

4. Savings – While it may seem like an expensive gift during the hectic and pricey holiday season, you and your loved one will save in the long run on prescription costs, contact lens refills, frames, and other expenses. Laser eye surgery offers a long-term solution to vision problems and offers you or your loved one a gift with benefits that extend long into the New Year (and the next one), well after the egg nog has been finished and the tree has been taken down.

Gift that Gives Back Year Round this Holiday Season: Laser Vision Correction

Reach out to Optilase Eye Clinic to find out how we can make laser eye surgery fit under your tree this holiday season. Whether you want vision correction for yourself or you are interested in finding the perfect gift for the bespectacled person in your circle, reach out to find out how we can make this service the perfect present.

Meet with a laser eye surgery professional at Optilase Eye Clinic to find out if this is a suitable present for your loved one or yourself. Book your consultation or call today on 0489 043 8397 from ROI and 0800 511 8005 in the UK and NI.

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