Laser Eye Surgery More Affordable than Ever – Get Treatment from ONLY £25p/m

12 Dec 2016

Have you dreamed about ditching your glasses? Are you sick and tired of dealing with dryness and irritation from contact lenses? If you want a future with clear vision, without the daily nuisance of eyeglasses and contacts, laser eye surgery may be right for you. Don’t let outdated concerns about cost hold you back. Laser eye surgery is safer, more reliable, and more affordable than ever before. No matter your current employment status or income, laser eye surgery can be an inexpensive treatment.

Price is Not a Huge Factor When It Comes to Laser Eye Surgery

If the expense is the only reason you are holding back from correcting your vision with laser eye surgery, consider these three reasons why it doesn’t have to be anymore:

1. No Initial Cost – Optilase Eye Clinic offers a free consultation for any individual who is interested in treatment. That means no cost barrier and no commitment while you learn more about this popular procedure.

2. Safety and Reliability – In most cases, ‘cheaper’ correlates directly to a reduction in quality. At Optilase, we don’t believe that something as important as eye surgery should occur on a scale of ‘standard’ to ‘premium.’ For that reason, all patients are provided the latest, safest, and most advanced treatments for their laser eye surgery. Our treatments are safer than ever before and provide consistent results, so don’t let the affordable price tag deter you or cause concern.

3. Flexible Payment – We understand that ‘affordable’ means different things for different individuals. Treatments start at the low price of £29 p/m and a personalised payment schedule can be worked upon to give you the comfort, confidence, and time you need to pay for your procedure.

Learn More about Affordable Laser Eye Surgery Today

Ask questions about your candidacy for laser eye surgery and find out more about our pricing options that can work for you. With the latest technology, experienced optometrists, and a track record of great results, you can rely on Optilase Eye Clinic for your vision correction. See clearly and forget about fussing with fogging glasses and disposable contacts. Reach us today to learn more about the advantages of laser eye surgery.

Meet with a vision correction professional at Optilase to determine the right type of laser eye surgery for your budget and eye health. Schedule your consultation online now or call today on 0489 043 8397 from ROI and 0800 511 8005 in the UK and NI

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