Can Laser Eye Surgery Help Golfers Improve Their Game?

Golfers, whether in the PGA Tour or just playing for sport, rely heavily on their vision. Those with vision issues may have to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses in order to see clearly, and often these temporary corrective measures create more of a hassle.

Some of the world’s top golfers, including Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood, Pádraig Harrington, Retief Goosen and others, have already had their eyes corrected with laser eye surgery. So, can laser eye surgery actually improve your golf game? In short, yes, it can.

Laser Eye Surgery for Golfers

One of the most important tools for a golfer is a clear vision. Eyeglasses are too difficult to wear on a golf course, especially because a player needs to look downward a lot and swing at the same time; eyewear tends to shift and not stay firmly in place. While there are plenty of professional and amateur golfers using contact lenses to correct their vision, wind on the course can make a golfer’s eyes water and reduce their ability to see.

Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

If you are still not sure if laser corrective procedures could improve your game, here are some key reasons pro golfers are already correcting their vision:

1. Laser eye surgery is a useful corrective procedure for those that have difficulty seeing far away. After surgery, you can see objects in the distance sharply. 

2. When you improve your vision, you get a better sense of where the hole is and all of the breaks that are on the green ahead of you.

3. Laser eye surgery can also improve your depth perception, which will give you a better idea of how the ball will roll when it lands.

4. Corrective surgery will improve your vision far better than eyeglasses or contact lenses, which makes a big difference when you find yourself staring down a fairway. You will no longer have to squint against the wind, worry about watery eyes or struggle to keep eyeglasses in place while looking down.

5. Laser vision correction means no dry, scratchy eyes while you play.

6. You will have a clear field of vision and increased peripheral vision when it is no longer blocked by eyeglass frames.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Golf Game?

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