My Eyes, My Holiday: Laser Eye Surgery Makes Summer Fun

26 Jun 2015

Summer vacations are all about time at the beach, picnics and fun in the sun. For those with contacts or prescription glasses, it also means hauling around additional eyecare supplies. Also, if you wear contacts, you have to be cautious about going to the beach or even swimming. You cannot afford to sacrifice vision and comfort in order to enjoy your holiday.

If you are preparing for your summer holiday, there are numerous reasons to consider LASIK so that you can truly enjoy your holiday fun.

The Conveniences of LASIK Surgery

While it is called a “surgery”, LASIK is not as invasive as traditional surgeries. You will not be in the hospital for days, in fact, it does not even require an overnight stay. This is done as an outpatient procedure performed in an eyecare professional’s office. It can correct most nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism problems as well, giving you freedom from your lenses.

Just some ways LASIK is more convenient include:

1. It Is Fast - The procedure itself is quick; five to 10 minutes per eye.

2. It Is Painless - There are no painful stitches, incisions or anything to worry about. It is a virtually pain-free procedure.

3. It Is Accurate - Guided by lasers, LASIK uses extreme precision to correct your vision.

4. It Reduces or Eliminates Your Need for Glasses - LASIK has been proven to dramatically reduce or eliminate a person’s need for eyeglasses and contacts. So you do not have to pack extra supplies or even worry about removing your contacts before swimming.
5. It Heals Quickly - Most patients that undergo laser eye surgery have their vision corrected within 48 hours, though most see results immediately. Recovery is quick and all you may have to do is wear a pair of sunglasses, which is what you will be doing in the sun anyway.

Visiting the Right Laser Surgery Centre is Key

It is important to visit the right surgical centre to have your LASIK procedure done. A skilled surgeon uses the latest technology to ensure you get the most advanced vision correction available to you.

Do you want to free yourself from glasses and contacts this holiday? Contact Optilase today to see if you are a candidate for LASIK. Fill out an online enquiry form today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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