The Aftercare for Laser Eye Surgery

12 Jun 2012

Laser eye surgery is carried out for correcting different eye problems, which include short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. These problems occur due to incorrect shaping of cornea. After the surgery, you must follow a lot of things to protect your eyes from further complications. Your eyes require as much as rest as possible. So driving and straining should be avoided immediately after the surgery.

Avoid Watching TV and Computers

When you watch TV, reading out of computer or books, your eyes take lots of strain. Therefore these activities must be avoided strictly especially for the first 24 hours after surgery. Your eyes need to get complete rest during this time.

Protect your Eyes with Sunglasses

After laser surgery, your eyes become very weak. Even soft lights will create more stresses on your eyes. This problem can be solved by wearing a sunglass, which is highly helpful for blocking dust or wind to blow directly on your eyes. They can cause itching, dryness or irritation.

Keep Away from Rubbing your Eyes

Eyes will be highly delicate and sensitive after surgery. Rubbing or touching on eyes with your fingers may cause infection. These complications can be avoided by wearing protective shields when you sleep. This is a must for the first week after surgery. Discomfort after surgery is very common. It occurs due to the loss of effectiveness of anaesthesia. It is very difficult to handle this situation. But you should keep away from rubbing your eyes, even though the sensation is very strong.

Avoid Eye make-up

Applying eye lotion or eye make-up is not good after laser eye surgery because eyes will be very delicate after surgery. Some eye lotions or make-up products contain alcohol or other sensitive chemicals. If they come in contact with your eyes, they will create great hurt on eyes.

Avoid Showers

When you take shower, water sprinkles everywhere and it reaches your eyes as well. It is not good to splash water directly on your face after operation. You can clean your face with cloth, especially in eye area.

Keep away from Dusty and Smoky places

Smoke and dust can irritate your eyes very easily. You may feel to rub eyes in such circumstances but doing so will hurt your eyes seriously. Therefore if you are staying in a dusty or smoky area, it is better to stay indoors after the surgery.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol is not good after any surgery so it should be avoided after laser eye surgery as well. Moreover, if you are under the influence of alcohol, you may not take enough care to protect your eyes. Therefore, chances of rubbing eyes and putting undue pressure are very high. This may cause injury to your eyes.

Consult Doctor if there is severe Discomfort

The aftercare laser eye surgery follow up consultation is very essential to avoid serious complications. You should consult your doctor within the first 24 hours after surgery. If you feel any serious discomfort, do not hesitate to inform it to the surgeon.

You are not able to read anything immediately after the surgery. So before undergoing surgery, you must be prepared to take the aftercare laser eye surgery precautions. It will be always good to approach an eye clinic like Optilase for all your eye care needs because you can expect high quality treatments from such clinics.

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