Does wearing glasses everyday weaken eyesight?

10 Jul 2014

Every morning when you put on your glasses, the world suddenly appears wonderfully clear and in focus.

If you wear glasses for distance clarity, you will most likely need to wear them constantly - all day, every day.

In this instance, you may have the odd fleeting thought when you wonder if wearing glasses tailored to correct blurred distance vision can weaken your overall eyesight.

While there is no concrete scientific evidence to suggest that daily use of prescription lenses will impact on future vision needs, the need to wear glasses every day can be demoralizing and downright frustrating.

At Optilase Northern Ireland, you can opt to bin your glasses forever and undergo Laser Eye Surgery.

In less than half an hour, your distance vision can be corrected and perfect vision 20/20 is created.

Why do I need glasses in the first place?

If the cornea at the front of the eye is not round or if it is too curved or too flat in relation to the length of your eyeball, then your vision will be blurry.

This biological flaw means incoming light will land either in front of or behind the retina and result in a refractive error.

Refractive errors include nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, all of which can be effectively treated at Optilase clinics in Belfast, Newry and Derry/Londonderry.

Glasses correct the refractive error by altering incoming light rays so that they focus directly on the retina.

Why Laser Eye Surgery?

There are lots of reasons why you might chose to have Laser Eye Surgery over glasses- you might not like the way they look, you find them heavy or uncomfortable, they restrict your level of activity, or you simply feel more at ease when you are not wearing them.

Whatever the reason, if you are considering Laser Eye Surgery, you can enjoy a free, no obligation consultation at Optilase Northern Ireland to help you decide whether the procedure is right for you.

Laser based correction

Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland takes place in two stages:

A Femtosecond Laser is used to create a corneal flap on the surface of the eye, which is then lifted aside to expose the inner layer of the cornea.

An Excimer Laser performs the correction by removing cells using laser energy so the curve of the cornea is changed. This eliminates the refractive error and redirects incoming light so it lands precisely on the retina.

Clear vision is instantly established, but eyesight may appear hazy from time-to-time in the hours after Laser Eye Surgery as the eyes adapt to their new capability.

If you are considering Laser Eye Surgery, schedule a free consultation at Optilase Northern Ireland on
08000 121 565.

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