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25 Mar 2014

Wearing glasses may not seem like a big deal for anyone who has never needed to use them every day, but if your prescription increases as vision acuity decreases, you may find yourself wholly reliant on a single item – your glasses.

Laser Eye Surgery is a life changing experience that reverses years of having to rely on glasses or contact lenses.

Often, those who need corrective lenses do not consider alternative means of vision correction and simply accept the fact that they need to wear glasses in order to see.

What kind of Laser Eye Surgery do I need?

At Optilase Northern Ireland, there are various types of Laser Eye Surgery available to cater for a variety of vision needs.

During your free consultation the Laser Eye Surgery procedure that best suits your eyes will be outlined once you are deemed to be a suitable candidate for the treatment.

Depending on the structure of your eye and type of refractive error you suffer from, you will be advised to undergo LASIK, PRK, CustomVue WaveFront or IntraLase Laser Eye Surgery.

What you need to know about the correction procedure

When you arrive at your Optilase clinic on the day of surgery, the entire eye will be numbed with anaesthetic eye drops.

The Optilase surgeon will then create a corneal flap using a Femtosecond Laser, or in the cases of PRK surgery, Ethanol drops will be applied to loosen and move aside the outer layer of the cornea.

Once the inner layer of the cornea (stroma) is exposed, an Excimer Laser projects a cool beam of light onto the eye to remove microscopic amounts of tissue from the cornea. This is the stage of Laser Eye Surgery that corrects a person’s refractive error.

After the precise prescription correction has been applied to both eyes, the corneal flap is replaced and the eye begins to heal immediately.

Protective goggles and antibacterial eye drops will be given to all Optilase patients after Laser Eye Surgery to protect the eye from becoming damaged.

A follow-up appointment must be attended the following day to ensure that the surgery was a success and both eyes are healing correctly.

To find out more about Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase clinics in Belfast, Newry, or Derry/Londonderry, call 08000 121 565 or visit

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