The Type of Laser used during Laser Eye Surgery

24 Feb 2014

A common misconception about Laser Eye Surgery is that it involves dangerous, hot laser beams near one of the most sensitive parts of the body. This is not the case! The cool beam laser used in the procedure is a precision instrument.

The Excimer Laser revolutionized the practical application of laser energy during surgeries and redefined refractive surgery by eliminating the use of scalpels of blades near or on the eyes.

Rather than having to cut delicate eye tissue, the Excimer Laser emits a very precise wavelength of ultraviolet light which is absorbed by the area of corneal tissue it is targeting.

By absorbing the light energy, the molecular bonds within the tissue are destroyed and the shape of the cornea is permanently changed.

Who controls the laser during Laser Eye Surgery?

Any laser used during Laser Eye Surgery is computer-controlled rather than being a hand-held device.

The Excimer Laser is programmed with a patient’s individual refractive error, so that the amount of correction delivered to the cornea matches each eye’s prescription.

Protective eye-tracking software is an added feature of Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland, to give patients piece of mind.

This eye-tracking software responds to any movements by the eye during surgery so that the Excimer Laser can immediately react and move with the eye.

Does the Excimer Laser generate heat in the eye?

The Excimer Laser uses a cool beam of light measuring 193nm which delivers short, rapid pulses of laser energy in order to maintain a controlled temperature within the eye.

The Excimer Laser beam does not penetrate through the entire eye, rather is only reaches a specific depth within the cornea which means that only a precise amount of tissue is removed and any adjacent tissue is unaffected by the laser energy.

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