Presbyopia Solution in Northern Ireland

06 Aug 2013

Finally-A Solution to Presbyopia exclusive to Optilase

Presbyopia is a condition that affects the vast majority of people over the age of 40, whereby the lens in the eye gradually become hard and the muscles responsible for controlling its flexibility become weakened. Presbyopia is unfortunately a very clear sign of the eyes getting older and not being able to work as well as they did in your younger days.

Do you want an alternative to reading glasses?

If your body is starting to complain with old age but you still feel young at heart, then wearing instantly ageing spectacles every time you need to check your email or send a text message or read the newspaper is certainly not going to be appealing.

So why not join over 14,000 people across Northern Ireland who refused to don the mandatory reading glasses and now enjoy perfect near vision thanks to the KAMRA inlay?

What do I need to know about the KAMRA inlay?

The KAMRA inlay is a proven solution to frustrating reading glasses, meaning you can enjoy your natural vision for years to come thanks to this minimally invasive and very quick procedure that corrects the way the eye sees objects up close.

What’s the difference between a corneal inlay and a corneal onlay?

If you have been looking into correction surgery for presbyopia, you may have come across the term ‘inlay’ and ‘onlay’. The main difference between them is the method in which they are inserted into the cornea:

  • Corneal inlay: A flap is created at a depth of no more than 0.2mm and the lightweight inlay lens is implanted into the body of the cornea, known as the stroma.
  • Corneal onlay: A pocket is created between the outer layer of the cornea (epithelium) and the inner layer (stroma) and the onlay is positioned into the space.

So an inlay or onlay works like a contact lens to correct presbyopia?

Unlike contact lenses, an inlay or onlay doesn’t require ongoing care or removal. But they are similar to contact lenses in that they are transparent optical devices that correct vision problems, such as presbyopia.

What if I don’t like the results with an inlay or onlay procedure?

The great thing about either procedure is that it is completely reversible. An inlay or onlay can be removed if you so wish to return to using reading glasses or would prefer to undergo any newer procedures for correcting presbyopia.

OK, I’m ready to get rid of my reading glasses for good, so what do I do next?

Our expert Optilase team will help you through the whole process of saying goodbye to those annoying reading glasses once and for all. To take the first step to reclaiming your natural youthful vision, why not book a free consultation now by calling 0800 0121 565 or visit /kamra-treatment/

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