The Mechanics of KAMRA

25 Jul 2013

You may wonder; is it safe to leave an inlay in somebody’s eye? All the time?

Yes; it is- the tiny KAMRA inlay has been designed to ‘live’ in a person’s eye.

The lead up to the KAMRA inlay

Since the 1980s there have been numerous attempts at corrective procedures for presbyopia, but none have achieved the success of the KAMRA inlay.

What is the KAMRA inlay made of?

The KAMRA inlay is manufactured to specific measurements using biocompatible materials to create a completely safe lens that can be implanted into the cornea permanently without causing any distress to the patient.

In order to be tolerated by the cornea, each KAMRA inlay is only 3.8mm in diameter, which is much smaller than your average contact lens. The centre aperture is 1.6mm wide, creating a pinhole effect to improve depth of focus.

Made from polyvinylidene fluoride, the KAMRA inlay is only 5 microns thick (¼ thickness of a human hair) and has 8,400 micro-perforations arranged in a pattern to allow oxygen, glucose and other nutrients to flow through easily. The micro-perforations also work to minimize light scatter.

Am I likely to reject the KAMRA inlay?

Because the KAMRA inlay has been made taking all the biological functions and properties of the eye into consideration, it is unlikely to be rejected by your eye. It may take some getting used to, but once the inlay is implanted into the cornea, you will not be able to feel it.

Do I need to get an inlay on each cornea to treat my presbyopia?

No. The KAMRA inlay is a monocular procedure, whereby it is only inserted into the cornea of your weakest eye. Referred to as your non-dominant eye, the KAMRA inlay corrects its near vision capability while your strongest or dominant eye is used for distance vision. Almost everyone has a non-dominant eye, and by opting to get the KAMRA inlay will not drastically affect how your eyes function together.

How will the inlay stay in place?

There is no need to worry about the KAMRA inlay randomly moving about in your cornea. The procedure sees a tiny flap or pocket being created in the surface of the cornea, into which the inlay is inserted. When this is folded back down, ocular pressure and the general quick healing of cells on the outer surface of the eye cause the inlay to be sealed in place.

Find out if the KAMRA inlay is right for you.

The KAMRA inlay allows your complete everyday tasks such as reading labels, emailing and texting without the need for corrective eyewear.

Available exclusively at Optilase clinics across Northern Ireland, the KAMRA inlay is the clear option for restoring near vision for eyes over 40. To book your free consultation with a member of our expert staff, call 0800 0121 565.

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