Making The Most of KAMRA

22 Jan 2013

The KAMRA Procedure is only available at Optilase for people with Presbyopia, the ageing of the eye that leads to loss of clear vision for close-up objects. KAMRA is a corneal inlay procedure that will change your vision long-term, allowing you to dispense with your reading glasses.

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What have you got to lose? The consultation is free and the Optilase team can quickly determine if KAMRA is a suitable procedure for your eye problems. It can revolutionize the way you live, regaining your clear vision and no longer having to hunt around for reading glasses.

As most Presbyopia sufferers have good distance vision, it means they have to take their glasses off and put them on again repeatedly as they change their direction of viewing-annoying and frustrating.

Your Optilase team will go through all of the features and benefits of the surgery with you, and your eye surgeon will answer any questions you have before surgery.

The team will also advise you on what to expect after surgery, and how to optimise your recovery time and get the most out of your KAMRA inlay.

There are a few tips that your surgeon will advise you one after having the KAMRA inlay implanted.

Put away your reading glasses!

It takes a while to retain your brain to use the KAMRA inlay to see near objects, so you should take the time to get used to your new inlay and not reach for your glasses at all.

It might be tempting to pop on your glasses because you’re so used to doing so-but don’t. The sooner your brain and eyes are retrained; the sooner you can achieve independence from those glasses.

Practice reading without glasses.

Your surgical team will give you some ‘tips’ on how to retrain your eyes; such as reading print in a large font to start with and working your way to smaller font. Getting used to the inlay is easy, but it’s not overnight.

Use your eye drops.

You’ll be given eye drops, or artificial tears after surgery. It’s important to keep using them, as the implantation of the inlay disrupts your own natural tear film and so your eyes get dry and irritated. Using the artificial tears alleviates this, and you must use them regularly. A little blurring and fluctuation of vision for a while after the surgery is normal, but you must use the eye drops to make sure your cornea stays healthy.

Call Optilase Eye Clinic today on 0800 0121 565 and see if you’re a good candidate for the KAMRA procedure.

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