When To Consider Laser Eye Surgery

17 Oct 2012

For those waking up every morning by fumbling for their glasses, morning might not seem that great, especially when they maybe step on things because they cannot see them and thus hurt themselves in the process. Many of them though seem to have already thought many times about correcting their vision with laser eye surgery because this is the best and only way for recovering the acuity of their vision.

This is a procedure that millions of people have already taken advantage of and it involves re-shaping the cornea which plays a vital role in allowing the eye to focus correctly. Even though plenty of such surgeries were and still are performed, it doesn't mean that everyone is an ideal candidate for it. Below, this article will iterate a few factors which will help individuals know whether this type of surgery is good for them or not. With that being said, how do people know when to consider laser eye surgery?

The patient has healthy eyes and a stable prescription

For those who have a prescription that fluctuates once in a few years, it could be that this surgery might not be the best option for them. At the same time, they will also need to have healthy eyes. If the patient has kertoconus, a degenerative disorder that thins the cornea, the procedure cannot be performed. What the surgery does is to reshape the cornea and if the cornea is not thick enough, it won't be possible for it to hold the new shape. On top of that, patients who suffer from cataracts and dry eyes are not recommended to take on this procedure.

The patient is motivated strong enough

The eye treatment surgery is seen as a cosmetic surgery and what this means is that the patient will need to have the right motivation. For those who don't like glasses and have a high prescription, if they are a sports enthusiast and don't like to wear glasses, then this type of surgery is for them.

The overall health of the candidate is good

Laser eye surgery should be avoided if the candidate suffers from lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or collagen vascular disease. People who have diseases actually have a weakened immune system and this may lead to complications when it comes to the healing process.
The candidate has the right kind of prescription
People who have near-sightedness or myopia are some of the best candidates for this type of surgery. This means they can see things up close, yet everything else is blurry. Astigmatism and far-sightedness though can also be treated using laser eye surgery. There are also cases when the candidates will be over 45 years old and if they squint when reading (presbyopia), this type of surgery might not be a good idea for them.

The risks are fully understood

Complications from this type of surgery are very rare and the most up to date statistics indicate that less than one percent of the patients who undergone this type of surgery experienced them. Regardless of that, people are going to go through a surgery, which means that there is still a risk for something to go differently than planned. Thus, even after people have finished with their surgery, they will still have to examine their eyes regularly and check if they are in good shape. No matter what type of laser surgery they choose to go through, it's always imperative to consult a qualified optometrist beforehand.

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