Are You Eligible For Laser Eye Surgery?

17 Sep 2012

Laser eye surgery has become pretty popular during the past few years. More and more people are enjoying perfect vision without spectacles or contact lenses. The success rate of laser eye surgeries is almost 100%, with no serious side effects. Advanced laser treatment methods enable surgeons to provide efficient treatments within a few minutes.

Why Go For Laser Eye Surgery?

If you have weak eyesight and hate wearing spectacles or contact lenses, then ask the following questions to yourself: Do your glasses/contact lenses minimize your joys? Do you worry too much about the safety of your spectacles? Do you have trouble cleaning glasses/contacts? Are you happy with your looks along with glasses? Do you want to enjoy clear vision right after getting up in morning?
If you answered most of these questions as 'yes', then you should consult a laser eye surgeon.

Criteria for Laser Eye Surgery

After reading about the high success rates of laser eye surgery, you must be thinking of having the treatment for yourself. So, are you eligible for laser eye surgery? Well, laser eye surgery treatments are not for everyone. In order to determine your eligibility for surgery you will need to consult a recognized laser eye surgeon. Surgeons take comprehensive eye tests to assure whether you are eligible for a laser treatment or not. Preliminary tests are really important, as a wrong decision can cause long term side effects.

Suitable candidates for laser eye surgery are the ones that have mild-moderate refractive problems like myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, or a combination of these issues. Severe refractive errors can also be cured with laser eye surgery, but it all depends upon exact condition of the patient. The candidate should be more than 18 years of age and must have had a stable prescription since the past two years. It is better if the candidates don't have any ocular disease that can cause a bad impact on cornea. Candidates suffering from disturbed hormone levels, AIDS and arthritis are also not eligible for laser eye surgery as they have weak immunity. People taking medicines such as steroids & retinoic acid are also screened out as they have slow healing rates.

Choosing the Best Laser Eye Clinic

Laser eye surgery has become pretty popular and many clinics offer such treatments, but you shouldn't just go for the first clinic you see. Choosing the right clinic is the biggest decision to be made on your part. Optilase is among the most popular laser eye clinics in Europe. The experts at Optilase will determine your eligibility for laser eye surgery during a 1 hour session. After that you will get a pre-operation consultation with a qualified surgeon who will finally approve your surgery.

It has four clinics in Ireland and guarantees to beat any quote from any other provider. Prices for different treatments include all charges, and there are no hidden costs. You can even get 0% finance and specially tailored packages if you lack money at the moment. Optilase takes proper care of its patients, before, during and after laser eye treatment. Choose Optilase and stop worrying about vision problems, as they provide a valid lifetime guarantee to all clients.

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