How Laser Eye Surgeries can save your Eyes

07 Jun 2012

Contact lenses are plastic disc that is inserted in the cornea of the eye to correct the vision of the wearer. Some people may use contact lenses to change the colour of the eye or to make a style statement. Even though contact lenses help in correcting the vision of the wearer, there are several side effects of using contact lenses. Some of the side effects are:

Eye Infection

At times deposits get developed in contact lenses which can make it difficult for people to wear their lenses. Deposits can also increase the chances of developing eye infection which can damage the cornea.

Eyelid Inflammation

Wearing contact lenses can also increase the possibility of eyelid infection. A few people may experience inflammatory bumps under their eyelids which can make it difficult for them to wear their lenses.

Problems in the Cornea

Some people who wear contact lenses can experience problems like swelling of the eyes and vision haziness. These problems are caused due to lack of oxygen supply to the cornea. At times, the shape of cornea can also change when you wear contact lenses.

Dry Eyes

When you wear contact lens, the chances of developing dry eyes increase. People who suffer from dry eyes could experience symptoms like burning sensation in the eye and redness.

Allergic Reaction

People could also suffer from allergic reaction when they wear contact lenses. This hypersensitivity to contact lenses usually comes from preservatives that are found in the solution used to clean and preserve the contact lenses.

Since there are several side effects of wearing contact lenses, most ophthalmologists are of the view that people undergo laser eye surgery to correct the problem in their eye. In a recent study, it was found people who wear contact lenses every day are more likely to develop serious eye infection. The study also found that chances of losing vision because of laser eye surgery are low.

No more contact lenses with laser eye surgery

People who are suffering from vision problem can undergo vision corrective surgeries like LASIK and LASEK. Even though both LASEK and LASIK are effective and safe, there is a minor difference in the way these surgeries are performed.


Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is a simple eye surgery that is carried out in many parts of the world. In this procedure, a small flap is created in the front of the eye using precision surgical instruments. Once the flap is created, the shape of the cornea is corrected using a laser.


Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy (LASER) is done after topical anaesthesia is placed directly on the eye. The top layer of the eye is then lifted and rolled back so that the doctors can access the cornea. After the top layer is rolled back the cornea is corrected using a laser and lenses are placed over the cornea.


Even though both LASEK and LASIK are vision corrective surgeries that use laser to correct the cornea, there are some differences between them. LASEK takes about five days to heal while LASIK takes just 2 days to heal. Also, LASIK is less painful when compared to LASEK. However, some doctors prefer LASEK to LASIK because patients who undergo LASEK do not have to undergo flap problems that are associated with LASIK. Another advantage of LASEK is that people who undergo LASEK end up with better vision when compared to people who undergo LASIK.

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