The New and Improved IntraLase Eye Surgery

05 Jun 2012

Lasik surgery is one of the fields of medical science in which a lot of research and studies are going on. LASIK eye surgery is an operative procedure performed by an eye surgeon. The use of new and improved laser technology has provided us with the best Lasik surgery for protecting our vision. The old method of performing a Lasik surgery is by cutting open a part of the cornea and then making the necessary corrections for giving us a perfect 20/20 vision. The procedure was very complicated and adding to the risks is the fact that the cornea was cut with a hand held device. This device is called microkeratome and it has an oscillating blade which was used for cutting a flap of cornea.

With the emergence of new technology, a new technique to correct vision problems, without cutting the cornea was developed. This procedure is known as the IntraLase Eye Surgery. This breakthrough procedure is also known as "Bladeless Lasik Surgery". Though the old procedure using microkeratome was safe, it had its own set of problems associated with it. One main area in which a microkeratome has failed to deliver is the fact that the cuts made by it were not consistent in thickness and depth. Other risks involved with the old technology was that the cuts made were, at times, very thin that can lead to tears in the flap; and secondly the incisions would not be made to the proper depth and the flap will not form correctly.

IntraLase eye surgery procedure is completely controlled by the computer technology which allows cutting through the corneal surface for making a precise and perfect incision. The method used by this device, for cutting the surface, is by sending small rapid pulses of laser in swift succession. Each light ray is emitted at a time difference of about one in four millionth of a second. The rays will reach only to a specific depth and they were highly accurate. The position of the flap and the depth of the pulses can be determined prior to the starting of the procedure.

The IntraLase is a first of its kind technology used for eye surgeries. This technique gives high precision in the depth and positioning of the corneal incision for performing a flawless surgery. The old technology with microkeratome was able to make just an ordinary cut in the cornea without any other specifications.

The IntraLase procedure is able to make a cut in the cornea by making adjustments like setting the exact location for making the cut, the thickness of the flap, and the circumference of the flap. The use of laser technology enables us to make a cut with an angle to the edges of the flap. IntraLase technology enables us to make three dimensional adjustments in the cut made on the cornea. Another huge advantage is that we can make custom flaps for the needs of each patient. This helps the surgeons to give treatments for the precise needs of each patient.

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