Why it’s Worth Booking a Free Consultation

29 May 2012

Initial assessment is the primary goal for your first consultation. This visit can help to evaluate your specific needs and the different areas of treatment which will be given focus. This is why it's worth booking a free consultation. You will be given a clear picture of the problem and will be recommended with the most effective solutions in dealing with your issues in vision.

A free laser eye consultation is a non obligatory complementary assessment and evaluation of your current vision. Specialists in the area can assist clients in making an informed decision based on the findings that surface in the consultation session.

What Happens in Free Consultations

In most scenarios, a client spends around an hour and a half to two hours with the assessment team. The client undergoes various tests and examinations to come up with an extensive assessment of any existing problems. If any problems are detected, the assessment team will then identify the most appropriate treatment for your existing problem. A client may be recommended with certain types of laser eye surgeries or even refractive lens exchange.

Consultant ophthalmologists may also be involved in this visit as they can provide a more detailed discussion of the treatment and procedures. The one thing that you should remember as a client is that the choice is ultimately up to you. After all the findings and recommendations, the decision to proceed to the next step is all on you.

Tests and Examinations

In the process of assessing and evaluating, clients may have to undergo some or all of the following procedures.

The Visual Acuity test is the most common eye exam that assesses your ability to focus on objects at varying distances. This is the test which involves reading letters and identifying different images. The Refraction Test that measures your current prescription. This helps to determine whether your current prescription still holds true and whether any updates need to be done to confirm the stability of the prescription.

The slit lamp examination involves the use of a powerful microscope. The Optometrist focuses a beam of light into the eye to examine the details of the different parts. The retinal exam involves the use of an ophthalmoscope. This study focuses on the retina and the overall state of the internal regions of the eye.

More in depth studies are aimed at forming a map of the internal and external regions of the eye. These topographical examinations are aimed at providing a clear picture of the cornea, anterior chamber and crystalline lens. Some facilities may also offer a more detailed study with the use of new age light capture devices. Some of these in depth examinations may utilize Wavefront detection technology which can give a precise picture of the cornea.

There are undeniably millions of individuals who suffer from a form of vision impairment. Problems can arise from various regions in the eye's anatomy. Some people may already be developing these vision problems but are completely unaware of such. This is why it's worth booking a free consultation. Nothing beats the professional assistance of trained individuals in identifying these potential problems which can be treated easily and effectively before they get any worse.

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