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28 May 2012

Although laser eye surgery or LASIK is in vogue in the recent times, the medical fraternity of the world is well aware of the fact that it is not suitable for every individual. There are certain yardsticks that need to be kept in mind while recommending laser eye surgery to a patient. Likewise, few regulations are also to be followed to get rewarding results from the surgery. While many medical organizations and institutions often overlook these integral factors, the skilled staffs at Optilase specially prioritize on the same. The safety and comfort of the patients are the key consideration of the professional team at Optilase, which are closely related to their huge success in laser eye surgery. "Your safety is our top concern" is what Optilase believes in.

Patients who are chosen for laser eye surgery

The first and foremost criterion that is taken into account while prescribing a patient laser eye surgery is that he/she should have healthy eyes. In case if a patient is diagnosed with nearsightedness, laser eye surgery is never conducted on him/her until the condition stabilizes. The age of the patient must be over twenty years. This eye surgery is never performed on a pregnant woman or a breast feeding mother as the measurement of the eyes often get temporarily changed during these conditions of maternity. Patients with perfect general health are only selected for laser eye surgery. Generally, those who do not suffer from ailments, such as herpes of the eyes, diabetes, lupus, glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis and cataract are the chosen ones for laser eye treatment. However, patients with such ailments can always have a discussion with the medical consultants regarding the same. It is important to mention here that laser eye surgery is never capable of rectifying loss of sharp vision and reversing normal aging process of the eyes.

Procedures before laser eye surgery

A through scanning and examination of the eye are conducted before laser eye surgery in order to ensure safety of the patients. These tests also make the doctors sanguine that the eye to be operated is healthy. Associated eye tests are also conducted, such as measurement of the size of the pupils both in dark and illuminated environment and plotting of the curvature and thickness of the cornea. In order to ascertain that laser eye surgery or LASIK is the proper option for a particular patient, the refractive error of the eye is measured as well. The patients are initiated of the possible risks connected with laser eye surgery, probable complications, advantages of LASIK availability of any other alternative treatments and reasons for recommending laser eye surgery to them. Finally, before the surgery a consent form from the patient is requested.

Procedures after laser eye surgery

Slight burning, blurry vision and itching sensation in the eyes are normal within 6 hours of surgery. In case if things become emergency, doctors can always be consulted. The patients are educated not to rub their eyes immediately after laser eye surgery or else the implanted flap may get dislodged. A follow up eye check-up is suggested after a span of 24 to 48 hours from that of the eye operation. On the very first check-up the surgical shield over the operated eye is removed, which may be followed by antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection and inflammation. A general post operative instruction is also handed over to the patients, which disallows them to do things such as driving, swimming, putting on eye makeup, taking hot bath, etc. within two to four weeks of laser eye surgery or LASIK.

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