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Schwind Amaris


At the forefront of innovation, Optilase invest heavily in world leading technology. The SCHWIND AMARIS laser system offers ground-breaking technology, leading the way in patient safety, precision, and comfort.

Schwind Amaris

Speed and Precision

The SCHWIND AMARIS corrects your vision at lightning speed. Correcting your vision in seconds, the procedure is much quicker than other laser systems. In conjunction with our futuristic Thermal Control, a stable microclimate is created across the surface of the eye, resulting in a cool, gentle airflow which prevents the eye from drying out. This provides the patient with a considerably more pleasant experience and a quicker recovery time.

AMARIS technology has earned many national and international awards.

Safer Than Ever Before

With the SCHWIND AMARIS eye tracker, all the movements in the eye are recorded and actively adjusted hundreds of times per second. This unique turbo eye tracker is also capable of tracking the eye movements in 5 dimensions, allowing for the perfect positioning of the laser beam. For the patient, this translates as a highly precise laser treatment, with exceptional clinical results.

Benefits of Schwind Amaris

Our World Leading Technology
98% of Patients achieved better than 20/20*

Maximum precision – minimal treatment time
Highly advanced eye tracking
High ablation speed & automatic energy adjustment
Very smooth corneal surfaces
Gentle tissue ablation
Intelligent thermal control system
Continuous monitoring
Extremely safe and reliable through compensation of the slightest eye movements
*Based on a LASIK study carried out by Schwind in six international, independent clinics.
Schwind Amaris

Why be treated with a laser? Why SCHWIND?

The reasons to be treated with a laser vary widely. Personal attitudes about beauty and attractiveness might play a role. And people who enjoy active sports or find it uncomfortable to wear glasses or contact lenses are glad to dispense with corrective lenses. 

SCHWIND AMARIS technology provides the ideal treatment of short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism, higher-order visual defects and presbyopia. SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems have proven reliable in thousands of applications and offer the leading technology for laser eye surgery. This is documented by excellent clinical results in numerous scientific publications. AMARIS technology has earned many national and international awards.

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