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Doug Howlett WaveFront IntraLase Testimonial

" The only surprise I had with my surgery was how quick it was. It was 15 minutes and I was back out again. It was that simple! "

Thanks to Optilase, I’ve had perfect, 20:20 vision for over a year now.

Prior to having my surgery I was a little concerned about people touching my eyes. In fact it took me ten years to decide to have it done. The only surprise I had with my surgery was how quick it was. I wandered down, it was 15 minutes and I was back out again, it was that simple!

One instance where I’m thankful for my new vision is in the middle of the night, with my three small children. I’ll often get shoved out of bed to get the extra milk or change a nappy. Now, in those instances, I’m no longer stumbling in the dark looking for my glasses, making more noise than I should!


Prior to my treatment at Optilase, I’d constantly lose contact lenses playing rugby, they can move on the eye and maybe at a critical time I could lose vision. Often, the game would carry on and I’d be left with one eye closed running around the field! Now I can see the ball coming through the lights, my mates tell me I have no excuse to drop the ball now!”.

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