Laser Eye Surgery Cost – Optilase is Now Accepting Euros in Value to the Pound

14 Nov 2016

Laser Eye Surgery Cost – Optilase is Now Accepting Euros in Value to the Pound

Unfortunately, cost can be a barrier for individuals who are looking to boost their confidence and enhance their overall health and lifestyle. If a future without glasses or contacts has been on your wish list, now is the perfect time to learn more about laser eye surgery. Optilase Eye Clinic is now accepting Euros as payment for treatment. However you get paid or whatever your budget, our flexible payment options can help you afford the treatment you have been wanting for better vision without glasses or lenses.

Optilase is Making Laser Eye Surgery Easily Attainable

Patients across the UK and Ireland are excited and satisfied by the seamless results that laser eye surgery can provide. If you are still holding onto outdated notions and misconceptions that this type of treatment is only suited to very wealthy individuals with leisure time to spare, think again. Optilase is taking these and more steps to make laser eye surgery a safe, accessible, and affordable vision correction option for everyone:

1. Guaranteed Price – We eliminate the hurdles of big upfront investment and commitment by offering everyone a free consultation to determine if they are a good candidate for treatment. In addition, our flexible payment plans can be tailored to your needs. From timelines to currency, we can find a way to make your surgery a viable financial option.

2. Incredible Results – Clear vision does not have to be a dream or something you only achieve when you remember to clean your eyeglasses! See the world with ease, 24/7, with safe and trusted results from our practiced team. We use the latest laser technology and offer only the best treatments to our patients. Read our testimonials to learn more about the results you can expect.

3. Flexible Hours – Whether you are juggling odd jobs, family commitments, or a demanding work role, our clinic hours are designed to provide you services. We are open 7 days a week and have multiple convenient locations. Get follow-up appointments over lunch or come in on the weekend for your laser eye surgery. Whatever your lifestyle, we can find a way to work vision correction into your schedule.

Pay with Euros and Find Out if Laser Eye Surgery is Right for You

Across Ireland and the UK, Optilase has become a trusted name in vision correction and eye health. With consistent results and constant improvements to serve our clients better, we believe in safe treatments, clear sight, and affordable eye care. Get in touch today to determine if laser eye surgery is right for you.

Contact the team at Optilase to learn about our Euro payment options for laser eye surgery. Book your free consultation online or call today on 0489 043 8397 from ROI and 0800 511 8005 in the UK and NI


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