How Laser Eye Surgery Can Benefit Your Career

18 May 2016

Pursuing your career dreams and aspirations is all about staying focused. It will require hard work, keeping your skills up-to-date and never letting go of your drive to succeed. But, sometimes it takes more than perseverance to land your dream job. To ensure a candidate performs their very best, some careers require that their applicants have impeccable vision.

There are several jobs throughout the UK that require perfect vision. Most of these jobs involve situations where other people’s lives are at risk. From seeing far distances with ease to reading up close and even identifying colours, vision plays a heavy role in the success of these top career fields.

Jobs That Require Perfect Vision

Even if your vision is not 20/20, you could still find a job in these fields – but you will need prescription eyeglasses or lenses to compensate your for your defect. Refractive laser eye surgery can also help by correcting the issues leading to your vision problems – so that you can pass the eye examination and land your dream job.

Just a few jobs that require perfect vision include:

1. Fire Brigade

Firefighters have extremely stressful and dangerous jobs. They are committed to saving people’s lives and therefore, must take steps in order to ensure they are ready for the job. To join the fire brigade, you need an uncorrected distance vision of no worse than 6/18 to 6/24. You also need distance acuity and excellent near vision. If you do have laser eye surgery to correct your vision, the brigade may require that you wait up to one year before applying and having your eyes examined.

2. Military

Not all positions in the military will require perfect vision, but one that will does is an army pilot. If you are flying the latest technology (which is extremely costly), the military wants guarantee you will be able to do so safely. The British Army only allows pilots to wear spectacles between -0.75 and +1.75 and have an astigmatism of no more than 0.75 dioptres. You will also have to pass a test where you look at a series of coloured plates and highlight colour defects within those plates. Laser eye surgery can help you see better, but some branches may not accept you into their pilot program. That being said, you will be able to join the force in a different career field.

3. Airline Pilots

Commercial airlines pilots carry cargo and thousands of people across the world each day. This requires an ability to cope with high levels of stress, but also requires excellent vision. Eyes are examined for issues like farsightedness, near-sightedness, and astigmatism. In order to qualify, you must meet their minimum parameters or have laser corrective surgery without any post-operative defects.


The Police Service of Northern Ireland also requires excellent vision. Officers must be able to see without issue while using their vehicles, be able to see at far distances to spot potential harm, and more. They rely heavily on their vision and in order to qualify for the PSNI training, you must pass a rigorous health and vision examination.

Do not let poor vision be the reason you do not get into your dream career or you must leave your dream career. Instead, see if the team at Optilase can help improve your vision through refractive laser eye surgery. Schedule your consultation today by calling us on 0489 043 8397 in Ireland and 0800 511 8005 in the UK. Have questions? Fill out our online enquiry form.

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