Laser Eye Surgery vs. Contact Lenses – Where Will You Save?

03 May 2016

While you do want to improve your vision, you do not want to incur unnecessary spending in the long term. If you are like most consumers, the cost of laser eye surgery has probably been the main reason you have avoided the procedure; even if your eyeglasses and contact lenses are driving you barmy. Here is what you may not have realised. You think you are saving more with contact lenses, but you will be surprised at the cost-effectiveness of laser vision correction procedures. Before you abandon the idea of laser eye surgery, consider a true cost comparison with wearing lenses.

Assessing the Costs

Laser eye surgery costs vary depending on the type of procedure. This cost typically includes all expenses associated with the procedure, including the pre-surgical consult, post-surgery follow-up care appointments and the procedure itself. While a few thousand may seem like a lot to pay upfront, you must also consider the long-term costs of wearing contact lenses.

When compared to the daily use of contact lenses, you will save significantly when you have your vision corrected with laser eye surgery. This is because, on average, you will spend a few hundred per year on contact lenses. In 10 to 20 years, you will have paid just as much for contacts as you would for laser eye surgery; so eventually, the procedure does pay for itself. If you wear daily contacts, the kind that you wear and throw out after a single use, your laser eye surgery will pay for itself as quickly as two to five years.

Other Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

The cost is not the only reason you may want to consider laser eye surgery. Just a few other benefits to having your vision corrected include:

1. No longer having to travel with so much eye care gear

2. No more dealing with the discomfort of wearing and caring for contact lenses

3. No more risk for infection due to improperly sanitised contact lenses or dirty hands

4. Saving time each day when you get ready

5. No more having to worry about packing prescription sunglasses as well as prescription eyeglasses each time you leave your house

6. No more worrying about tears in your contacts or lost contact lenses (and their costly replacement)

Skip the hassles and costs associated with contact lenses and see if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery. You can meet with an Optilase surgeon today by calling us on 0489 043 8397 in Ireland and 0800 511 8005 in the UK. Have questions? Fill out our online enquiry form.

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