How to Choose the Right Clinic for Your Laser Eye Surgery

29 Sep 2015

So, you've decided enough is enough. You're done with wearing glasses 24/7. You want to jump into the pool or the ocean without having to worry about first removing your contact lenses. You want easy, hassle free, 20:20 vision all the time.

Yes, you're on the right track and laser eye surgery can help you achieve all that. It truly can change your life. But the big question is: how do you choose a clinic that will take the best care of your precious eyes, give you the results you're looking for, at an affordable price?

Choosing the right clinic involves 3 key steps:

1. Do Your Research
What is laser eye surgery exactly? How does it work? What types of procedures and treatment options are available? What technology and laser equipment does the laser eye clinic use? Are the Consultants and Ophthalmic surgeons qualified and experienced? How many procedures like mine have they done? How much is this going to cost me? What's included in the total cost? Are there any price guarantees? Is after-surgery care included? These are some of the questions you should be asking.

2. Get a FREE consultation
A good clinic should offer a FREE consultation service to determine your individual eligibility and suitability for effective laser eye surgery and treatment. At this stage, you should also be able to obtain further information and build on your research, address any concerns you may have and determine whether the clinic is the right fit for your laser eyesight needs.

3. Look at online reviews and patient testimonials

This is possibly the most important factor: independent reviews and past patient testimonials. What were their personal experiences with the laser eye clinic? Did they find the staff professional and friendly? Was the laser eye surgery treatment effective? Did the service meet their expectations?

Optilase in Northern Ireland is your premier laser surgery clinic with 11 locations to serve you. With over 40,000 procedures, our clients have only one regret—that they didn't come to us sooner! Read our patient reviews and laser eye treatment testimonials. Book your FREE consultation online today.

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