Sports and Laser Eye Surgery

26 Jun 2015

Most people are under the assumption that LASIK and other forms of corrective laser eye surgery require extensive recovery times. Therefore, they continue to train and practice while dealing with poor vision. While there is some recovery time involved, athletes can benefit from laser eye surgery without worrying about a lengthy downtime ruining their game.

Laser Eye Surgery and Runners

Whether you just like to jog or you are a professional runner, you can return to your everyday running and training routine within just two days after surgery. So you will not have to worry about missing weeks or even a half week.

Laser eye surgery benefits runners by:

1. Getting rid of contacts or eyeglasses
2. Eliminating the burning, itching and stinging associated with sweat mixing in with your contact lenses
3. Reduces the difficulty of trying to run while wearing prescription glasses
4. Helps eliminate the need to stop and clean your glasses while running
5. Eliminates the risk of losing or breaking your prescription eyewear

Swimmers and Laser Eye Surgery

You will have to take two weeks off swimming post-laser surgery. That is because you must keep water from your eyes to avoid infection and prevent the reshaped corneal tissue from healing improperly. Also, it can prevent dry eye. After your two week recovery, you get numerous benefits including:

1. Reduced risk for eye infections - since pool water can cause eye infections
2. Clearer vision so that you can swim with ease
3. Eliminating the expenses for prescription goggles

Laser Eye Surgery and Contact Sports

Contact sports from football to basketball are big in the country. A blade-free laser eye procedure will allow contact sports athletes to quickly recover and in as little as two days, they can return to their favourite contact sport.

If you undergo laser eye surgery, you will want to wear protective eyewear not only to protect your surgical investment, but your eyes in general. After surgery, you will get to enjoy numerous benefits, including:

1. Reducing the risk for injury to the eye from broken prescription glasses
2. Reducing the need for expensive sports goggles
3. Reducing the chances that your contact lenses will shift while playing your sport
4. Reducing the irritation associated with sunscreen entering the eye and irritating contact lenses

Do you play sports? You could benefit from laser eye surgery, such as LASIK. Optilase can assess your eyes and see if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery and give you the competitive edge you have always wanted. Fill out an online enquiry form today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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