Laser Eye Surgery

09 Nov 2012

Many people have vision problems. For a long time, glasses were the only option. Then there were contact lenses, so people could see without having to wear glasses as many felt embarrassed by them, especially if they were of the thick variety. For quite a while now, laser eye surgery has become not only a viable but affordable option as well.

Laser eye surgery is pretty much what you may think it is. It is a surgical procedure that uses lasers to correct vision problems. People who have had imperfect vision due to myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, etc. can now have better vision through this procedure. Despite some concerns, laser surgery is quite safe.

With laser surgery, the need for contact lenses or glasses will be eliminated. Not only does this have aesthetic value, but it has practical value as well.

For those who wear glasses, they can attest that glasses can be very expensive, sometimes costing as much as $700 and potentially more. Those who wear contact lenses will affirm that although better in appearance than glasses, contact lenses can be quite inconvenient and costly as well. With a successful laser procedure, the recurring expenses will be over, the inconvenience will be gone, and the person will be able to get rid of any concerns about their looks from wearing glasses.

There are several types of laser eye surgery. The most common type is LASIK. This stands for Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK is also the most popular type of laser treatment globally, and boasts a fast recovery time. It is performed on the outside of the cornea.

Another type is LASEK or PRK, which stands for Photorefractive Keratectomy. This type focuses on the inner cornea, which would be recommended for those people who have thin corneas. A thin cornea would prohibit a person from getting LASIK.

Another laser eye procedure is called WaveFront. This type of surgery is usually used to correct problems with night vision. Halos and glare can make night driving dangerous or even impossible for some people. WaveFront uses more advanced technology to detect and correct these problems.

IntraLase is a part of LASIK surgery, and is performed without blades. IntraLase creates a flap in the eye. This is the most advanced type of laser eye surgery there is today. With continuing advancements in technology, it is likely that this procedure will be deemed low-tech in possibly as little as a few decades.

To determine if a person is a good candidate for laser eye surgery and what type will be needed to correct their vision problems, a consultation and some testing will be needed to determine the eye problems at hand and what type of surgery will be best suited for that individual's needs. Although some may see it as expensive, it is much cheaper when compared to the fact that glasses and contact lenses have recurring costs, and will add up to much larger amounts over time, not to mention the benefits of convenience and the aesthetic value. Laser eye surgery may sound scary to some, but again it is very safe, cheap when compared to glasses and contacts, and it is normally over within minutes. After it's all over, recovery takes place and the patient can get on with life with a better view.

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