IntraLase Laser

23 Aug 2012

The blade-free, most advanced and most effective LASIK eye surgery available today is definitely the IntraLase laser treatment. The surgeon creates a flap in the eye and uses Femtosecond laser pulses. This is more precise in depth, more accurate, cleaner and thinner. It is safe for most low corrections and has the same level of safety for all levels of treatments.

There are a lot of benefits that we can get out of the IntraLase laser. This technology can now treat all suitable health care programs. This specific type of surgery removes the risk and possible complications as compared to the types of surgery that uses blades. Mechanical failures and human error is eliminated though this type of laser eye surgery. The procedure has resulted to more and more patients having 20:20 vision or even better. There are big improvements for long and short term safety, thus increasing the confidence of both the surgeon and the patients. Vision is better than wearing glasses or contact lenses after the surgery.

The blade is an intrusive, mechanical instrument. It differs in its precision, in measurement and straightness. The blade can also leave imperfections in the surface of the cornea as it passes. With the IntraLase laser - Femtosecond laser pulses, its more precise and is almost free of distortion. WaveFront mapping is initially done before the cutting of the flap, thus distortion is eliminated. That is the reason why it gives a better output than with standard treatments that make use of blades.

During the surgery, there is a tracker along with the laser that precisely follows the patient's eye, just in case it moves during the process. This type of surgery is done very close to the surface of the cornea. Due to this, more of the eye’s tissue is spared from being touched during the process and this improves the safety in keeping the utmost strength of the eye after treatment. As a result, there are almost no incidents of inflammation or infections.

The IntraLase laser treatment is done via tiny pulses that pass through the cornea at an exact depth and diameter harmlessly. It goes through the outside part of the cornea by forming a layer of uniformed microscopic bubbles right beneath the eye's surface. The dimension of the layer is weighed based on the detailed results of the eye. The laser light's highly effective pulses are controlled by a computer, ensuring that it’s more precise and takes about 15 - 20 seconds to be completed. After the flap is lifted, the LASIK procedure begins. The laser reshapes the cornea when applied to the part where the flap is lifted. It's an entirely painless eye surgery that takes about 30 seconds to finish. The flap will then be put back in place to seal the reshaped cornea after the operation. After which, the recovery period begins. Usually, the patient’s eyes will recover at tremendous speeds.

All in all, the IntraLase laser is so much better than traditional LASIK procedures. It is much safer as it removes the downsides of manual cutting. It has remarkable recovery periods with the least chances of inflammation or infections. The cuts are more precise as compared to the traditional LASIK surgery. Most patients reportedly have 20:20 vision or even better with the least isolated cases of deteriorated vision. So to those people, who are planning to have a laser eye surgery, consider having IntraLase treatment. It's a fast and a very effective method of regaining your vision.

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