The evolution of laser eye surgery

14 Aug 2012

laser eye surgery is one of the best recommended methods to improve eye vision without the use of contact lenses or glasses. At present, there are hundreds of eye care hospitals available worldwide to perform laser eye surgery. The evolution of laser eye surgery is found to be very effective to correct eye disorders like short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. Before carrying out surgery, the patient goes through a series of tests to determine the suitability of eyes for surgery. The following are some of the best recommended laser eye surgeries in eye care hospitals.

1. LASIK Eye Surgery

As per studies, LASIK is one of the most widely performed eye surgeries in the world. So, what makes LASIK high on demand? This is one of the common questions asked by people. The Fast recovery time is one of the main advantages of LASIK surgery, studies have said that a patient who has undergone LASIK surgery can recover within 48 hours. Apart from the fast recovery, lack of discomfort is another key benefit of having LASIK surgery carried out. LASIK won't suit all however. To determine the suitability of your eyes for surgery, ophthalmologist will suggest for a full eye test before the procedure. Till now, LASIK eye surgery has not reported any health issues.

2. LASEK Eye Surgery

This advanced eye surgery is performed for those people who have very thin corneas. This treatment is also known as surface treatment or PRK. In LASEK, surgery is usually performed on the inner side of eye cornea. Before carrying out LASEK eye surgery, an anaesthetic drop is applied to the eye. To make surgery easy, a small portion of epithelium (eye surface) is moved aside. This is done after making the eye surface soft by ethanol solution. LASEK is completely pain free. To enhance protection, it is advised to use contact lens after surgery, although patients can avoid contact lens after a few days duration.

3. WaveFront surgery

This advanced surgery functions by correcting vision according to the patient's imperfections in their eyes. WaveScan is and advanced scanner which is used for eye examinations and it will map the passage of light through eyes. High accuracy is one of the main advantages of performing an eye scan through WaveScan. Today, WaveFront surgery is a common treatment recommended to overcome problems like glares and halos.

4. IntraLase surgery

IntraLase is one of the best recommended surgeries to create the flap. Till now, IntraLase surgeries have reported excellent results from all over the globe. Rapid recovery is a main health advantage of choosing IntraLase surgery. This surgery is done by making use of Femtosecond laser pulse. These pulses are passed through the outer cornea of the eyes to form bubbles below the eye surface. Generally, flap creation using the IntraLase surgery procedure will take about twenty minutes per eye. After creation, ophthalmologist will then lift up the flap for LASIK surgery. A Laser is then applied to the inner surface to reshape the eye cornea. Those who are in search of a painless treatment for eye disorders can definitely choose the IntraLase surgery procedure. Moreover, this surgery will take only thirty seconds to complete.

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