Worried about Seeing in the Dark?

A recent UK survey revealed that over one third of drivers admitted to not being able to see clearly when they get behind the wheel, with one quarter voicing concern over their poor night vision.

Problems with night vision are commonly related to errors in the eye that are referred to as higher order aberrations, which normally only make up only 10% of a person’s impaired vision.

During a routine eye exam it is not always possible to determine the number of higher order aberrations present but the common symptoms of these are difficulty adjusting in dark light, glare, halos and starbursts around lights.

At Optilase Northern Ireland it is easy to book a consultation to determine any optical errors that may be affecting your night vision.

Treating poor night vision

Difficulties with night vision are attributed to low contrast sensitivity, which is the measure of a person’s ability to distinguish different increments of light and dark.

If you struggle to see adequately in low lighting conditions, or are concerned about your inability to decipher objects in the dark, Advanced CustomVue WaveFront at Optilase Northern Ireland eliminates higher order aberrations that cause poor night vision.

WaveFront improves how well a patient with poor night vision sees in terms of the amount of decipherable fine detail and contrast sensitivity.

Personalized vision correction

WaveFront is a computer programmed laser correction that delivers a customized correction to each eye, so that any higher order aberrations are corrected.

It can also treat lower order aberrations which make up the three most common refractive errors: hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.

Before correcting the surface of the eye, WaveFront takes into account the curvature and smoothness of the corneal surface, corneal thickness, pupil size and any pre-existing refractive errors.

The procedure itself is very similar to standard Laser Eye Surgery, but WaveFront offers patients a more tailored vision correction procedure.

If you have problems with your night vision, schedule a free consultation to find out more about WaveFront at Optilase Northern Ireland on 08000 121 565 or visit www.optilase.co.uk/what-is-wavefront/