Why Choose IntraLase?

The search for better, less painful, money guarantee result in an eye surgery is on. Patients want results and assurance that the dilemma of various eye problems can be resolved. They don’t want to be bothered by always having the need to wear and change their glasses and contact lenses. With the busy life that they lead, the less vision aids they require, the better. A number of procedures come their way but why choose IntraLase? What does it have to offer? What makes it stand out from other laser eye surgery procedures?

People nowadays do not want to go under the knife. Pain, anxiety or fear of the knife itself can just be some of the reasons. That is why the IntraLase method is 100% blade free. It is a technique used to correct a person’s vision. With it’s unique and precise method, a blade never touches your eye causing less trauma to the organ itself and eliminating the fear factor as well. Laser eye correction is done by reshaping the cornea (transparent thin layer that covers the front part of the eye) and correcting the eye problems. Common issues would be nearsightedness wherein objects that are far appear blurry, in farsightedness objects that are far can be seen more clearly than up close. Astigmatism is described as not being able to focus clearly at any distance.

The following are the advantages cited as to why choose IntraLase. First is better vision, higher percentage of achieving 20/20 vision compared to other laser eye surgeries. Not only is the quantity of vision improved but the quality as well. Patients’ vision is stabilised sooner so no problem with driving and being able to return to work earlier. Second is fewer re-treatments, meaning a lower chance of getting laser re-enhancement because the vision has regressed after a year or so. Third would be safety, it is generally considered a safer procedure because of a higher degree of accuracy and precision in the process. No cuttings are done, only a laser is applied to the eye. Fourth is side effects like dry eye, this usually occurs during post surgery. With IntraLase no nerves are severed, so there is less damage to the cornea and therefore lowers the chance of dry eye related problems. Fifth and lastly is the people involved in contact sports, this procedure is highly recommended for them since no corneal flap (technical) is needed.

Why choose IntraLase? It’s a bladeless procedure that doesn’t involve any cuts into the eye but solely relies on the laser. It is designed to treat specific characteristics of the eye for a better vision correction experience. It’s healing rate is much faster than standard laser procedures and it is able to produce more precise results. It carries minimal risk of complications since advance laser technology is used thus reducing risks even further. If you want less pain, great results and being able to go back to your usual routine in just a matter of days, all while being able to get back your 20/20 vision then this is definitely for you.