What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia means ‘ageing of the eye’ and it will happen to almost everyone eventually, regardless of whether you have had laser eye surgery or not.


Presbyopia is an age-related focus dysfunction that results in the gradual loss of near vision in people over the age of 40, and usually becomes very noticeable once people are in their mid forties.


It can happen to people who have enjoyed perfect vision all their life, and gradually affects our ability to see objects close to the eye; particularly printed material.


It can also happen to those who use corrective eyewear to combat a refractive error such as long or short sightedness, and even to those who have had laser eye surgery to correct refractive errors.


The most obvious sign of presbyopia is that letters on a page become blurry and out of focus and no matter how hard we squint, we cannot make them out clearly.


Presbyopia is the natural loss of near vision
that impacts virtually everyone after the age of forty.


How the eye works for near (reading) vision


In order to see print clearly, our crystalline lens is squeezed into shape by the ciliary muscles that surround it. This allows the eye to ‘accommodate’; and the lens to change shape so we can read what is on front of us.


It will vary by individual, but once people enter their forties, they may find themselves holding printed material at arm’s length in order to try to see it clearly.


This is because the lens of our eye can no longer change shape easily to ‘accommodate’ near vision, so we compensate for it by moving the object farther away from the eye until we can see it properly. Our arms end up doing the work our eyes should be doing!





How ageing affects the eye to cause Presbyopia?


Presbyopia is caused by the lens of the eye becoming stiff with age because of a build-up of proteins on its surface. The ciliary muscle that surrounds the lens, which usually squeezes the lens into the right shape to accommodate our near vision, loses its elasticity and its power to make the lens contract or relax according to vision needs.


Because the lens can no longer change shape, it has trouble focusing on objects close to the eye such as print; mobile phones; labels etc.




Solution to Presbyopia


Up to very recently the only solution to this ageing of the eye was reading glasses. Even those with otherwise perfect vision had to depend on reading glasses to see printed material and other objects close to the eye.


The problem with reading glasses is that they only work whilst you are looking at something very close to your eye – once you glance up; everything else becomes blurry and you will not be able to see distant objects – or even objects a few feet away. This means people with presbyopia have to put glasses on to read but immediately take them off to see everything else.


Now Optilase offers two revolutionary solutions to presbyopia in the form of tiny optical inlays which allow the eye to accommodate close vision without reading glasses, and without losing distance vision.




The most suitable treatment for you will be discussed at a consultation with one of our experienced Optometrists and will take your current prescription and lifestyle into account. Both treatments are entirely painless and take on average, less than 10 minutes, allowing the patient to resume most activities the very next day. Find out today if you are suitable for this life-changing procedure, call Optilase today on 1890 301 302 or fill in the form above right and one of our staff members will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


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