What is Monovision?

Monovision is a technique used in eye correction-be it contact lenses or Laser Eye Surgery-where one eye is set for distance vision, and the other for near vision. Usually it’s the dominant eye that works best for distance.

Brain Learns to See Through Monovision

Your brain learns to work between both eyes very quickly, without you even realising it. It alternates between them, depending on what you’re looking at. Most patients have no problem with monovision after a while, but the Optilase staff can simulate monovision in the office before you have surgery and ensure you’re a good candidate.

You can achieve monovision with refractive surgery to achieve freedom form reading glasses; after 6-8 weeks your brain can make appropriate vision changes automatically, without any conscious effort. Monovision allows you to repeatedly change the range of focus, without corrective lenses.

Potential Downsides

Monovision may cause a degree of decreased depth perception, although you can use a lens to correct the myopic eye. People might have a little blurred vision in the ‘near’ eye is the vision for the ‘distance’ eye is blocked by an object.

You can have a test first, using contact lens to determine if monovision is suitable for you. If you have surgical monovision and for any reason aren’t happy, you can have enhancement surgery on the under corrected eye to reverse the monovision.

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