What do your eye movements say about you?

Rapid eye movements are often barely discernible to the naked eye, but these tiny and often involuntary movements are now thought to be an indicator of how the brain evaluates time.

If you have ever found yourself quickly deciding to switch to an alternative checkout in a supermarket with a seemingly shorter queue, this may be because of a split second impulse decision that stems from a rapid eye movement.

In Maryland, USA, researchers from John Hopkins University have recently published data to suggest that impatient people are more likely to experience rapid eye movements.

These findings could be symptomatic of how the nervous system evaluates time and reward by controlling movements and making decisions.

What happens if my eye moves during Laser Eye Surgery?

Involuntary eye movements or ‘saccades’ are the fast movements in the body, often lasting only milliseconds.

Saccades in the eye switch focus between objects but because these eye movements are often carried out automatically by the brain, patients who are considering Laser Eye Surgery often worry whether these saccades will affect the outcome of refractive surgery.

Eye tracking technology is now standard safety element that is incorporated into any laser device that is used during Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland.

Because Laser Eye Surgery is 100% computer-controlled, the eye tracking software is capable of reacting immediately to any fast or unpredictable eye movement during the procedure.

Will Laser Eye Surgery take longer if my eye moves a lot?

Eye tracking software enables the laser to instantly readjust to any movements in the eye during treatment, so even if your eye moves a number of times during Laser Eye Surgery, it will not affect the duration of the procedure.

Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase Northern Ireland is carried out on both eyes on the same day and usually takes less than half an hour.

An Excimer Laser projects a cool beam of ultraviolet light onto the cornea to ablate a pre-determined amount of cells from its surface.

Laser Eye Surgery effectively reshapes the cornea to correct short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism to create permanent clear vision at any distance.

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