What Can KAMRA Technology Do For You?

The KAMRA Inlay Can Be the Cure for Reading Glasses

If you are among the many millions of people who find themselves reaching for reading glasses every time you pick up the newspaper, a book or need to read the label on something you are buying, you know how hard it can be. In recent years there have been many changes and new technologies in the field of ophthalmology. Instead of reading glasses, you may find that you are the ideal candidate for the latest offering from Optilase, the KAMRA Inlay. What can KAMRA technology do for you to make your life better?

Let’s start out by getting a good idea of what the KAMRA Inlay is and what this amazing new technology can do to improve your life. This inlay is actually an implant that has been designed specifically for those who suffer from presbyopia or in more simple terms, those that find they are having trouble seeing things that are close up clearly. Unlike a contact lens that is placed on the outside of the cornea and removed daily for cleaning, this is a surgically implanted under a flap that is created in the cornea.

While it is essentially intended to help those who are nearsighted, following ten years of research KAMRA technology has been found to help provide patients with improvement over a wide range of distances. Also unlike many other types of vision improvement technologies, the KAMRA Inlay is only inserted into one eye, making recovery far less time consuming and much easier overall as you can still use your other eye normally while it heals.

Also note that should you find that you do not like the results of having a KAMRA Inlay implanted into your eye, the surgery is completely reversible. Keep in mind that the implant itself is only about 5 microns thick, which when you consider the average blood cell is 7 microns thick is microscopically thin. Once your eye has completely healed, you will not even be able to feel the implant, but you are certain to notice the fact that you will be able to see or read without the need to wear reading glasses anymore.

Over the course of ten years, developer Acuvue has worked with numerous test subjects and found the overall results to be exceptional. KAMRA technology received its CE mark in 2005 and is now available in Europe, Asia and Africa. However, if you live in the United States, you will have to visit one of these countries to get the surgery done as these implants have not been approved for use in the US. Currently they are still undergoing the investigational use phase and it may be some years yet before they receive approval. This is exactly why Optilase are here to help you with all of your eye problems.

Fortunately for those who live in Ireland, KAMRA technology is readily available and you will find that there are a number of laser eye clinics that are now offering this particular service. When you are ready to see clearly without the need for reading glasses, you may find that having one of these implants is the answer you have been looking for.